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It must be a terrifying, exhausting experience, with the capacity to create nightmares in perpetuity, to remember, investigate and portray the planned apotheosis of Evil, the concentration camps (better to speak of extermination, the concentration sounds like a euphemism) that created the Third Reich . They have existed throughout the history of humanity and in multiple geographies, which gives a scary reason to that poem by Neruda that said: "It happens that I get tired of being a man", but the planned barbarism of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Treblinka, Mauthausen, Dachau and other temples of terror during the same period occupy a privileged place in the universal history of infamy. Among the testimonies of those who survived those slaughterhouses I am especially impressed by the writer Primo Levi. He left alive Auschwitz and years later committed suicide. Go to know if his atrocious memories dictated that sentence or if the inclemency in his daily life after the liberation exerted of executioner.


Address: Targarona sea.

Interpreters: Mario Casas, Alain Hernández, Macarena Gómez, Richard van Weyden.

Gender: drama. Spain, 2018.

Duration: 110 minutes

The protagonist of The photographer of Mauthausen His name was Francesc Boix. He was beaten up by the Spanish Civil War, but his exile was even worse. The Nazis interned him in Mauthausen. And not only did he have the immense luck of not being charged, but he managed them, taking on the task of the hero, to get the negatives of the photographs out of the field about that hell that the Germans accumulated in their archives. And he testifies in the Nuremberg process. And then La Palma, since the prison had been mortally insane with its kidneys.

The Holocaust has arranged in the cinema extraordinary directors like Steven Spielberg and Roman Polanski. In addition to his talent they had infinite means to portray that planned horror in Schindler's list Y The pianist. And Claude Lanzmann devoted many years of his life to the essential documentary Shoah, something that should be compulsory in schools, a historical and pedagogical lesson about the bestiality that the adult world can impose, the strong against the weak.

Mauthausen's photographer, Directed by Mar Targarona is not an overproduction, its means are quite limited, but that is not an obstacle to achieve a worthy chronicle, something that I do not get rid of from beginning to end, it causes me some uneasiness and tenderness at some point. And I would recommend that viewers do not leave the room when the final credits appear. They show the real photographs of the story that they have told us. There is one that pleases me especially and is the corpse of the head of the concentration camp lynched and thrown into the wire fence. No forgiveness, as it should be, in the name of justice, in the name of revenge.

The star Mario Casas, idol of the teenagers, actor of movies and series nothing memorable for me. Here, its appearance is not exactly glamorous. Grant purity and determination to your character. He already demonstrated in Group 7 that he can do something other than what is expected of him, of what made him so popular and besieged. It is an intelligent attitude.


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