October 25, 2020

Pandemic and employment: a long road ahead

Social Security gained an average of 84,013 contributors in September compared to August (+ 0.4%), its best figure in this month since there is registration, which placed the total number of employed at 18,876,389 contributors, according to data from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, which has highlighted that it is the fifth consecutive month in which the average affiliation has increased. However, the pull at the beginning of the year does not manage to replace even half of the job lost in the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. ABC highlights some keys to the data published this Friday: How many workers at ERTE have returned to their jobs? The Social Security Ministry points out that 2.657 million workers have recovered their jobs since April 30 and that another 728,000 remain in ERTE. Why has the departure of workers at ERTE been slowed? Only 84,000 people returned to work in September, compared to 307,000 in August and 712,000 in July. The 728,000 who remain in ERTE are from sectors still very affected by the crisis, such as hotels, restaurants, leisure, the self-employed, tourism, etc … Why is unemployment soaring 5% among those under 25 years of age? It is common for unemployment among the youngest to rise notably in September, as they register for unemployment at the end of their studies to find their first job. Why did employment increase in September? Because in that month, hiring in education increases considerably, due to the beginning of the academic year -including academies and extracurricular activities-, as well as in agriculture due to the fruit collection campaigns. .

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