Panamanian bank Credicorp contracts FacePhi facial recognition

The Alicante biometric technology company FacePhi has won as a client the Panamanian bank Credicorp Bank, which will install facial recognition systems for its users online, via the web and mobile, both in Apple’s iOS operating system and Google’s Android.

FacePhi announced in a statement on Tuesday that Credicorp has hired its SelphID biometric product, which facilitates the opening of bank accounts and other bank services through identification by facial recognition, which improves the user experience and system security.

FacePhi’s first executive, Javier Mira, stressed that it is “the first contract of the year” 2020, after “closing a very good year” in 2019.

According to the company, last year was “the value that grew the most in the Spanish Stock Exchange”, which has been listed since 2014 in the Alternative Stock Market (MAB).


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