December 3, 2020

Panama enters total quarantine with 8 dead and 443 COVID-19 infections

The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, announced on Tuesday the implantation of a total quarantine throughout the country due to the spread of the coronavirus, which already leaves 8 dead and 443 confirmed infections in this nation.

That curfew will take effect from 5 in the morning on this Wednesday with the exceptions that the same measure already had when it was limited to 12 hours, between 5 in the afternoon and 5 in the morning.

Among those exceptions are the health, pharmaceutical, food, public security, transport and communications services, and the press, among others.

During the total curfew, citizens will be able to leave their homes for two hours daily to supply basic necessities and through a system of shifts based on the national identification number.

In order to stop the virus, the Government of Panama has been staggering social distancing measures in the last two weeks, which include the closure of shops and industries in non-essential sectors, the suspension of classes and the prohibition of the entry of foreigners.


In the last 24 hours, two people died and 98 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed for a cumulative 443 confirmed infections.

A total of 64 are hospitalized, 19 of them in intensive care and stable within their condition, while the rest are in their cases in isolation because they have mild symptoms, health authorities said.

“We are massifying the evidence,” said Cortizo, who stressed that a “protracted and extensive war” is being waged against COVID-19, with a “organized” Panamanian government and people in the country who “are understanding the magnitude of the pandemic.” .

In this sense, the Minister of Health, Rosario Turner, thanked China for the donation of 5,000 kits to diagnose COVID-19 that are already in the country.

The government also announced on Tuesday that it is advancing by 25% the construction of a modular hospital with 100 beds to attend to severe cases of the coronavirus, and that hotel rooms will also be used to isolate the less serious.


Cortizo assured this Tuesday that despite the contingency and that the national budget is not infinite, all subsidies and conditional transfer programs will be maintained, and asked the beneficiaries to “please use them as necessary: ​​food, medicine “because” you have to stretch “the silver.

It announced reductions of 50% and 30%, depending on consumption, in the electricity rate, a measure that will benefit “9 out of 10 households in Panama.”

“No one who does not receive income from the coronavirus will lose their home,” said Cortizo, who assured that the bank is flexible and asked the debtors to go to the banks to agree on new payment conditions.

The Government is also advancing in the organization of the Panama Solidarity program, which in the first tranche foresees 50 million dollars to deliver to people affected by the measures to stop COVID-19.

This social aid plan is going to be developed “house by house, we do not want crowds,” said Cortizo, who assured that his government will also continue “advanced in the payment of outstanding bills” to suppliers.


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