Palestinians launch rockets from Gaza to Israel and tensions rise

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip today launched three projectiles at Israel, two of which were intercepted, in the second incident of the day at the border, amid tension by the United States peace plan.

The Israeli Army reported that of the three rockets launched, two were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-aircraft defense system.

The emergency service Maguen David Adom (MDA, equivalent to the Red Cross) reported that a three-week-old baby suffered a blow to the head and was seriously injured, after falling from her mother's arms as they ran to the missile shelter in his house in the Israeli city of Sderot, near Gaza.

Tonight's incident comes after Israel's bombing this afternoon of positions of the Hamas Islamist movement in Gaza, after explosive balloon launches were registered from the enclave, added to a shot at an Israeli observation post.

In addition, an exchange of fire was also recorded yesterday, following the launch by Palestinian militants of a rocket from the strip and the subsequent bombing of Israeli reprisals against Hamas, which de facto controls Gaza since 2007 and to which Israel responsible for all actions that emanate from there.

These exchanges of fire, common in the region and increasing with the peaks of tension, coincide today with isolated protests in Gaza and the occupied West Bank in rejection of the peace plan for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict presented on the 28th by the president of the United States Donald Trump

A Palestinian was seriously injured today after receiving the impact of a rubber-coated steel bullet in a demonstration in the town of Kfar Qadum, in the northern West Bank.

After strengthening its military presence in the West Bank in recent days, Israel prepares for further protests tomorrow, Friday, the day of prayer among the Palestinian Muslim majority.

Israeli police will increase security in the Mosque Esplanade and other areas of the Old City of Jerusalem and are prepared to respond to incidents, their spokesperson told Efe.

However, the call for demonstrations by the Palestinian factions has not had significant follow-up despite widespread rejection among the population.

The plan, which Trump presented with the acting Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, gives way to the annexation of large parts of the West Bank and poses limited sovereignty for a hypothetical Palestinian state, with capital in the suburbs of Jerusalem.


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