May 15, 2021

‘Palabras a starboard’, the poetic testament of the librarian Juan Alberto Hernández, is presented at the Insular Library

The Insular Library of Gran Canaria hosts on Friday, March 19, at 6:00 p.m., the presentation of the posthumous collection of poems Words to starboard, of the beloved librarian and cultural facilitator Juan Alberto Hernández García, that Ediciones La Palma has just published. The appointment is a tribute to the memory of Hernández García, who was a library technician of the aforementioned center dependent on the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo Gran Canaria, who died in 2019 at the age of 52. The presentation of Words to starboard, will be attended by Guacimara Medina, Councilor for Culture of the Cabildo, the artist Rocío Solís, the narrators Ana Cristina Herreros and Pablo Albo, the writer Alexis Ravelo and the film director Carlos Reyes.

Starting at 7:00 p.m., the event will continue in the next room of the Paper Club where the creator Rocío Solís will discover an installation, Carlos Reyes will present a video art session and there will be a reading of poems by Juan Alberto Hernández in charge by Yanira Naranjo and Begoña Perera. In addition, the narrators Ana Griott and Pablo Albo will offer a short story session and there will be a musical reading of the author’s poems by Alexis Ravelo and Ramón Betancor, which will be joined by Carlos García interpreting a song from one of the poems in the book Starboard words. The event will be broadcast live through the web

Unpublished poems

Words to starboard is an unpublished collection of poems that collects 52 texts by Hernández in a volume of almost ninety pages that contains illustrations from Pablo Amargo, National Illustration Prize in 2004. Never before had anything been published by the librarian and coordinator of several reading clubs of the Insular Library , affectionately known by all as ‘Juanbe’, manager of his social networks and coordinator of the Youth Space of said center where he began to work in 2001, who conceived both reading and writing as an intimate gesture.

Both Ana Cristina Herreros, creator of Libros de las Malas Compañías, a small publishing house that rescues the lost stories of small communities in other countries, and the illustrator Pablo Amargo write the two introductory texts of the book published by the publisher Elsa López. Herreros, a specialist in traditional literature, writer, editor, oral storyteller, and author of storybooks and articles on encouraging reading and storytelling methods, knew Juan Alberto Hernández well. For her, reading her poems is “Penetrate her privacy, in that place where the wind stops and the sea stops roaring and calms down, feminine. It is to breathe a breath of salty air, to feel that gills come out of you and your reason is flaking out trying to grasp what you cannot understand but can feel: poetic emotion ”.

For his part, the illustrator Pablo Amargo, responsible for much of the design of the aesthetic lines of the informational supports of the Insular Library, confesses that he has not been able to illustrate this book “without having the sea as a background rumor. It was my metric unit for making the illustrations, ”he says. For Amargo, in the author’s poems “there is an absence of solemnity” with a domestic environment situated between home, love or literature itself. The Rocío Solís installation can be visited next week in support room 2 of the Insular Library.


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