Pakistan says it is "facilitating" the peace process in Afghanistan

Pakistan says it is "facilitating" the peace process in Afghanistan

The Pakistani government said today that it is "facilitating" the peace process in Afghanistan and assured that the US decision to withdraw 7,000 of its troops from that country was a "signal" that the Taliban demanded.

"The goal is for there to be peace and stability in Afghanistan, for which Pakistan is playing its due role and will continue to do so (…) We can only facilitate and we are doing it," he told reporters in Multan (east). Foreign Pakistani, Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

The head of Pakistani diplomacy said there was "progress" during the Taliban-Washington dialogue rounds this week in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the third time that representatives from both sides sat at the table in the last two months. .

"We expect more progress in the talks and that there will be peace and stability in Afghanistan, and any role that Pakistan can play will play it," Qureshi said.

As for the announcement on Thursday that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, plans to withdraw 7,000 troops from Afghanistan, half of the 14,000 contingent he has deployed today, the minister said that the Taliban wanted a "signal of retreat. "

Most of these troops are integrated into the training mission of the Afghan troops carried out by NATO, which also has the support of the US troops who independently carry out the anti-terrorist Operation Sentinel of Freedom.

At the meeting in the UAE, the Taliban refused to sit down at the table with the Government of Kabul and opted to talk only with the United States, a few rounds during which both parties agreed to consult with their leaders what was discussed there.

One of the issues discussed was the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan.


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