September 28, 2020

Page believes that Torra has two newscasts after his disqualification

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, said Wednesday about Pedro Sánchez’s meeting tomorrow with the Catalan president, who does not know if Quim Torra “will take the opportunity to say goodbye, because he has two news programs” and He has already “disabled” him until his own party.

In statements on his arrival at the act of celebrating the 80th anniversary of the EFE Agency, in the Caixaforum of Madrid, he said that he believes that it is good that the President of the Government, with this meeting, shows “that the forms will not remain , which is not an education problem. “

And although García-Page has not wanted to write down what he has to say to Torra, he has advised that it be whatever it is “tell it in Spanish”.

In addition, he has considered that Torra, regardless of what justice has said, is already “disabled by his own party, who wants to change candidates” for the next regional elections, and, therefore, “pleaded guilty in the trial” .

Thus, when asked about what he expects from tomorrow’s meeting in Barcelona, ​​he has concluded: “I don’t know if Torra will take advantage to say goodbye, because he has two news programs”, and has pointed out that he refers to national news “, because, to the best of TV3 has any more. “


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