September 28, 2020

Page believes that Spain “can breathe” by the EU response and asks that the CCAA can manage aid

The President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has considered that Spain as a whole “can breathe” after the response of the European Union to the crisis, although he has asked to be able to manage policies in the short term after lifting the ” sanitary barrier “of the coronavirus from the” unit “of all the autonomous communities.

At a press conference after the video conference between regional presidents with Pedro Sánchez, he made it clear that all the autonomies “have submitted” to the “same instructions.”

After recognizing that Spain “was trembling in case Europe” was going to leave us “lying”, he insisted that today “you can breathe”. “Today we know that there will be money, that Europe will help alleviate the effects of the crisis. Europe has gotten wet,” said García-Page.

Although after this week it has been confirmed that there will be a European “injection”, he insisted that the autonomous communities can “manage with unity, ideological and social, and without noise” these grants.

Similarly, it has chosen not to listen to the “noise” of the criticism, something that it has suggested to the rest of the administrations, asking to be on the management side beyond political criticism.

“We must all try to sponsor a pact. I will fully support a national pact. A minimum pact. We must agree with the strategy for Europe, in accordance with the shielding of essential public services,” said García-Page. .

Beyond thinking “of the deceased”, we must now think of “the number of people who are being saved.” Thus, “there will be more saved than deceased, something that will be difficult to count, but in the end there will be many, many saved” thanks to the “measures”, although some of them could be “corrected”.


According to García-Page, now it is time to “work on the take-off operation” to get out “of the crisis”, given what he has suggested to the state government to manage the European fund in a consensual and effective way, prioritizing the self-employed and SMEs “.

Now it is time to make “non-stop decisions”, and the Government of Castilla-La Mancha “is not going to take vacations”, something that has not “yet announced” even its Governing Council.

“There will be no holidays. I would like the Courts to have full activity in the summer, because decisions must be made. There is no time to lose nor can we wait for it to be given to us. We will fight for the Government of Spain to distribute the money from Europe, because Who bears the weight of health spending are the autonomies. We are the one who runs the hospitals and who knows them, “he has repaired.


He made reference to Easter that could not be enjoyed, before which he wanted to ensure that “the same end and summary of the history of this Passion Week that ends today Easter Sunday, is the story that we are going to write among all “

The belief “has to be now” for everyone, aimed at defeating the virus “without any doubt.” “We need encouragement and courage. The courage that society is showing at home. I invite you to believe, to believe that we all share a common goal.”

The leader of the regional Executive has referred to the disparity of decisions that are being taken in all the countries of the world to combat the coronavirus, emphasizing that there will be no way out of this crisis with differences between territories.

As a “prudent approach”, he has refused to speak of “success” in the short term regardless of the result due to the number of deaths that the country accumulates.

“We are fighting in the best way that we can and know, and above all together, with a spiritual feeling as the Spanish people have rarely experienced,” he said.

He has valued the commitment of the Castilian-Manchegos with the confinement guidelines, asserting that the effort “is bearing fruit”, since “the contagion curve has been reduced.”

Furthermore, the healthcare pressure in hospitals “has been reduced to almost half”, and although there will be “pressure for many months,” the situation would now be “desperate” if people had not sacrificed themselves. “I think we can share that the effort is leading to results.”


The Castilian-Manchego president has asked “please” that “no one has any doubt that when the time comes the statistics will be clear and precise.”

“But today they cannot be precise because we work against the current. Here all the data will be contrasted. And it will be clear that there have been millions of people who have passed the disease without symptoms, without them knowing that they have it, that there have been hundreds of thousands that with some symptoms they are being attended to at home, “he indicated.

Now, until the vaccine is found, “data is needed”, and at the moment only those data that pass through the tests are true. “It is true that there are people who have died perhaps with the virus, with serious ailments, but the important thing at this point is that nobody plays with the pain.”

However, he has insisted that the data will always “end up being known”, something that he has assumed as “absolute commitment” in order to give explanations even in the regional courts.


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