Page believes that Casado makes mistakes with the 155 and criticism of the EU budget

Page believes that Casado makes mistakes with the 155 and criticism of the EU budget

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has considered that the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, commits "errors of bulk" with his trip to Brussels in which he will question the budget bill of the Government of Pedro Sánchez and with his attitude of "tampering" with article 155.

In an interview on Canal 24 hours of RTVE, García-Page has relied on it to be "errors of the beginning of the course and lack of experience," as he warned that "on that road is very wrong."

In his opinion, it is a mistake "to say that Spain is going to speak badly about the European institutions", since "it can be disloyal to the Government, but to be with the country is a mistake".

He has also described as "very serious" that Casado has an attitude of "fiddling and fondling" article 155 of the Constitution "as he is doing by saying that Spain is taking" to apply it again and affirming that if he becomes president of the Government "will apply the 155 without waiting for the PSOE or Citizens".

Regarding the draft budget law for 2019, Garcia-Page has described as "possible" approval, it has indicated that "the pro-independence world has panic to have elections," so "fear of elections will influence" in which it goes ahead.

He also noted that the approval of the new budgets will not mean more money for the autonomous communities, but "lighten the burden of the deficit" and has asked that, before approving new powers for autonomy, such as free and universal education 0 to 3 years, be accompanied by the necessary funding, because otherwise "it is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow".

The president castellanomanchego has also addressed the situation in Catalonia and, as for the situation of imprisoned pro-independence politicians, has described as "very long" the provisional detention of incarcerated, although he has blamed the situation to the expresident of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont for having escaped "instead of showing his face and responding to the legal system that made him president".

Regarding the current government's management, Garcia-Page has maintained that he has not given "a millimeter in matters of substance", although he has considered "inopportune" to speak of pardons to the prisoners, since he has pointed that, in this way, it is being assumed that they will be guilty and that the condemned will meet the conditions to request and receive said pardon.


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