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Paellas Universitarias 2019: A party without permission of 25,000 university students challenges the mayor of Valencia | Society

Paellas Universitarias 2019: A party without permission of 25,000 university students challenges the mayor of Valencia | Society

Attendees to the Paellas Universitaria Festival 2019.

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A tide of young people with plastic bags, many of them with colored shirts that identified their class or faculty, marched this Friday as columns of ants to the neighborhood of La Punta, in Valencia. But his destiny was not an anthill, but a big party: the 2019 Paellas University Festival, a celebration that expected to gather 25,000 people and lacked permission.

The City Council of Valencia announced on Thursday to the organizers that I did not grant them the authorization that the company had requested on Monday, after failing to make the party in the neighboring town of Montcada. They argued that it failed to comply with various municipal regulations. But the promoter decided to go ahead and at 10:00 she opened the doors of the premises she had rented, trusting in the dissuasive force of thousands of young people who wanted to party. The strategy worked, the Paellas have been celebrated and the promoter is now facing a fine that can reach 300,000 euros for violating the Law of Shows of the Valencian Community.

Mayor, Joan Ribó, of Compromís, declared on Thursday that the City Council could not authorize acts that did not have "a technical endorsement". "Doing so would contravene the law and prevaricate," he said. The company responded to the official message by announcing through social networks that Paellas 2019 were to be held and urging young people to attend. The organizers argued this Friday, without blushing, that with the opening of doors intended to "ensure safety and avoid major problems of public order, such as could be produced with uncontrolled bottles in the vicinity of La Punta or other areas of the city ", As, they added, it happened a few years ago when the Consistory vetoed other paellas.

The permit was denied by the council responsible for the activity licenses, which Compromís manages. The local police, led by the PSPV-PSOE, deployed from the first hour of this Friday around the hamlet of La Punta, a relatively quiet and rural area of ​​southern Valencia, near the City of Arts and Sciences. But the agents, a little more than a month before the municipal elections and two weeks before the regional and general elections, limited themselves to recording the events, organizing the traffic and ensuring the safety of the mass of young people who arrived incessantly at the zone and that of motorists.

"Sex on the street"

The matter has remained in the administrative field after the Court of Instruction number 6 of Valencia filed the complaint presented by the Association of Neighbors of La Punta, in which they requested the urgent paralyzation of the party. The neighborhood president, Vicente Romeu, justified the request by predicting a dantesque scenario for the peaceful neighbors of the neighborhood, the majority of advanced age: "A marabunta is going to come. A runaway herd of buffalo, and although there will be someone who behaves well, they will have to drink and listen to music and, as in Fallas, people urinate, defecate and have sex in the street, "Romeu said.

The company has dressed its attitude of rebellion presenting on Friday morning documentation that, according to a spokesman Paellas Festival 2019, responded to the objections raised Thursday by the City Council. And the Consistory has disguised its lack of forcefulness, for which, at noon, it would have needed an army, affirming at three in the afternoon that its technicians were analyzing the allegations that had been presented by the organizers of the party, which has ended at eight.

The party of the paellas in Valencia.
The party of the paellas in Valencia.

"This is also culture"

At two in the afternoon, under a radiant sun, thousands of young people filled the dusty wasteland that has hosted the Paellas 2019 and many others were still arriving. Three stages, four bars and several restaurant vans gave the place the atmosphere of a music festival. "If they had not allowed it, I would have come the same, to do a bottle where we could have done it", said Juan Sánchez. "This is culture, too!" Added Laura Herrero.

The paellas began, decades ago, as parties that the faculties organized on campus. They were free and the students cooked the traditional dish. Yesterday only about 60 young people prepared paella and the 25,000 attendees had paid between 12 and 25 euros for entering the party.


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