August 8, 2020

Padilla opens the big door in his farewell to Acho

Juan José Padilla said goodbye today of Lima leaving on the shoulders of the Plaza de Acho and with the affection of all the fans, who recognized one of the most dramatic and memorable trajectories of bullfighting on an afternoon where Antonio Ferrera had a great performance ill-fated with the sword and the Fandi cut off an ear.

The one who opened the plaza, a noble bull and with Daniel Ruiz's race, soon sang the quality of his attacks.

After a good stick that stoked the bull, Padilla removed by chicuelinas and took the sticks, nailing a first pair to the quarter, a second from inside to outside and a third to the violin, receiving strong ovations.

He started the Jerez with tables with muletazos on his knees, connecting a lot with the public. The task was by the right python to a bull that repeated, with some disarms and hooks that tarnished the fret.

The bull had a big left python that was not used by Padilla, who left it to his air without taking advantage of the fabric in front of him.

After the final handles and an opposite thrust, he ran an ear.

Padilla got a new trophy of the room with El Hierro of Olga Jiménez, a gentleman who left loose of the luck from the first capotazos.

He accused that condition in rods, banderillas and crutch. The work of Jerez was a constant struggle to retain the attacks on his crutch. He managed to hold the animal on the right side, with the crutch down, specifying vibrating tandas that reached the lines.

The Jiménez finished in a draw and Padilla passed him a detached lunge. An excessive ear of an audience delivered to the bullfighter.

Antonio Ferrera gave a great job to the fifth. He failed with the steel and lost both ears. A puncture, a half and two disloyal left everything in a loud return to the ring.

The bull of Daniel Ruiz was a tame manso, remiso in the first thirds, which Ferrera managed to put on the crutch giving the precise distances.

He fought him with mettle, control and firmness, making the meek give himself up and take out the brave fund.

It complemented the fundamental bullfighting, with capeínas, circular and other adornments, all done with taste and class.

Great job for the good fight. Special mention deserves the third of banderillas, in which at the invitation of Ferrera, the three alternating ones offered the best of their repertoire, receiving a very strong ovation in the media.

The second horn of Sanchez Arjona never helped the show. Outbound charging without delivery, defending and face up. They punished him in rods to change, but he left the horse plumb.

He killed a good thrust on the site.

The Fandi cut off one ear of Daniel Ruiz's complicated third, which he was doing during the fight.

In quites highlighted by chicuelinas topped with a serpentine.

It shone in third of banderillas, especially in the pairs to the violin and the moviola.

With officio, he fiddled both bulls with a bull that was strapped from the first capotazos, correcting that defect.

With patience, he put together series of muletazos one by one to an animal that always lacked delivery. A prick and a big thrust that did not need a lace, allowed him to cut an ear.

The sixth of García Jiménez was a meek, dull and bobalicón that out of sight scattered the view. He had no delivery or emotion.

He tried El Fandi, who persisted in both pitons, especially on the right side, trying to make more go to a bull that was never left. It ended with a back thrust and a punch of pity.

Race record: Third run of the Fair of the Lord of Miracles. Bulls of Daniel Ruiz (1st, 3rd and 5th), Sánchez Arjona (2nd and 6th) and Olga Jiménez (4th). Well presented and varied game, highlighting those of Daniel Ruiz. Juan José Padilla, ear in both; Antonio Ferrera, silence and return to the ring; and El Fandi, ear and silence. Padilla was forced to greet from the media after the paseíllo.


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