Paco Ureña will reappear at the fair of Fallas "with the bull of the first" | Culture

The right-hander Paco Ureña, who lost his left eye after a very serious accident last September in the Plaza de Albacete, will return to the ring at the next fair in Fallas, "in a square with the first bull and first."

In the middle of a great expectation, with a remarkable display of national media and numerous fans, the bullfighter reported the news in a press conference held in the Sorolla hall of the Mercantile Athenaeum of Valencia.

In a calm voice, very serene, but evidenced by a contained emotion, Ureña was shelling everything that happened after that fateful day when he was wounded in the left eye with irreversible injuries.

Ureña, in the first place, justified this public reappearance in Valencia, "because this place has been one of the most important in my career. There is a special communication with the Valencian public, which is why I wanted to hold this press conference here. " He then thanked all the expressions of affection received during this time, "I am very moved by all the love received, from my family, from my crew, which I consider as my family, the doctors who have treated me, the professionals, press, amateurs ... they have all been very important for me to recover morale and be here right now. " And in that chapter of thanks, a very special one for Juan José Padilla, "has been a fundamental support to overcome this circumstance, for his advice, for his words of encouragement and affection. An example to follow".

Without avoiding details of the mishap and the following days, Ureña said that from the first moment he knew that he would lose the vision of his left eye, "since I jumped into the alley I realized the seriousness and I was aware that I was not going to return to see through that eye. I remember, when I was on my way to the infirmary, that my partner Ginés Marín told me that it had only been like a punch, but I told him no, that I was going to lose the vision of the eye with complete certainty ". From that moment and confirmed the fatal news, the mind of Paco Ureña never stopped fighting again, "it never crossed my mind and those who know me well, did not think so either". Moments and very hard days, as when already in the hospital emergency coming from the square, even with the satchel on, had to tell his mother and his girlfriend what had happened, "the most traumatic of all was when I told them I was not going to get my sight back. " But the integrity of both considers Ureña as vital, "without them and their response to the situation, I would not have recovered so soon. Thanks to the lesson they have given me, I am stronger still. I have had low moments, of course, but they were even positive to face the situation. It has been a lot of surgery in these months, tremendous pains, but with this help it is overcome ".

Since then and until this press conference, Paco Ureña has not had any contact publicly, "I have not appeared during this period in the media, because I needed time to think not only about myself, but also about my profession, how I could contribute more to bullfighting. I tried to recover my mind and be sure of what I wanted and how to do it. " The conclusion was blunt, "bullfighting and going back to where I was and where I want to be. I have returned, although I never left. But I had to rest. "

However, the fears were always hovering all this time before the possibility of not being able to continue fighting, "but life has given me the opportunity to do so. What has happened will not be an impediment, nor a problem, nor an excuse for not being me. Not to continue fighting, that day in Albacete would have ended the bullfighter and possibly also the man. In the midst of these fears, he recalled some passage from when he went to school, "I do not know why, but in these difficult times I remembered that when I was a kid I never wanted to go hiking with my classmates and my mother told me I should go. I answered no, because I did not want something to happen to me and not be able to fight ... it is a memory that during these months I have kept in mind ".

The reappearance in the ring will be in Valencia for Fallas, "for many reasons. Because as I said at the beginning is one of the most important in my career, because with the public I always had a special communication, because I want to enter on my own merits ... because I want to do it in a first class position and with the first bull. In short, I hope to return as I want to return, with all the consequences. "

Paco Ureña is being treated throughout this process at the Fernández de Vega Clinic in Oviedo and has a new operation pending in a while, "to try to open the eyelid and give the eye a more normal, more aesthetic appearance. If I do it now, as the time of convalescence is long, it could not reappear in Fallas, so we have decided that the intervention will be in October of next year ".

Not in these three long months since the injury has he had the opportunity to fight, "not even a calf. But I do not worry about the emotional part when I get back in front of the bull, because it will give me life and because I need it. "

The preparation, then, for his return to the ring has given the kick-off with this appearance before the press, "I want to return being the Ureña of always, the one that knows the hobby". At the moment no one knows day, or bulls, or companions of cartel, "but I hope that it is according to what I have won in the ring".


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