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Even if it is only for having the opportunity to respect and admire characters such as the bullfighter Paco Ureña it is worthwhile to be an amateur bullfighter.

And if you do not, because not everyone has to enjoy the art of bullfighting, at least you must recognize the human greatness of the real heroes of flesh and blood. But not because they demonstrate the courage to be in front of a bull, which also, but to stand as referents of an unlimited capacity for effort and sacrifice, for their superhuman commitment against fatality, and for their extraordinary decision to overcome the numerous difficulties, some insurmountable, that poses the profession of bullfighter. In short, for gambling life against its own destiny.

In such cases, being a bullfighter, even, would be the least.

You listen to Paco Ureña, you look briefly in his career, you look at his face, and you have to be very insensitive not to recognize that you are in front of a superman, a tireless fighter, a rebel with a cause, a pure maverick.

Bullfighters like Ureña play their lives against their own destiny

He is a bullfighter, but he could have chosen any other activity. Above its value, its vocation and its desire for triumph, what prevails is a human being of an exceptional category.

Characters like that do not abound; and much less in this modern society in which heroes are often children of the imagination of a creative and inhabit the world of comics, advertising, video games, movies or television series. It does not seem conducive to current life to bravely confront a problem and turn reality around so that the waters of bad luck do not overwhelm the dreamed goal of a life. In this current of momentary enjoyment, of the moment of well-being, and of the flight in haste of any circumstance that hinders the attainment of an ephemeral happiness, there is little space for the real heroes. They tend to be discordant elements and represent, in any case, images of the past, in black and white, stale and outdated.

In these we were, in an almost always anodyne and insipid existence, in an ocean of haste with five centimeters of depth for reflection and analysis, and with no desire just to undertake companies beyond what the daily routine obliges us, when You play front with Paco Ureña, a singular guy, born in 1982 in La Escucha, a hamlet of Murcia town of Lorca, in a family of huertanos, without any relationship with bullfighting, and the first thing that you loose is that The bull is his life and his obsession.

The bullfighter, in the alley of the Plaza de Las Ventas.
The bullfighter, in the alley of the Plaza de Las Ventas.

Determined to be a bullfighter, he rented a house in the Sevillian town of Benacazón, which he paid with the brócoles that his father allowed him to plant next to the cauliflowers, cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelons of the family garden, and from the Aljarafe he maintained a close connection with the bull. Thus, tanning in solitude, he spent several years.

Afterwards, the reward for the effort would arrive and his name was soon noted in the hearts of the good fans, who saw in the bullfighter an unusual ability, a heroic attitude, an example of dedication and pride and a classic conception of bullfighting.

At the beginning of last September, he was summoned with this newspaper in the esplanade of the Plaza de Las Ventas.

- "Do you know what I'm saying? I look at her and I feel chills ... "

He recalled the feeling he had felt as a child when he came from his father's hand to see bulls in Madrid: "Will I be able to fight once here?"

The human being is presented as a passionate man who transmits honesty and naturalness. Speak with the heart and be sure in its principles. The features of his face reflect a grimace of sadness that is no more than the sequel to the hardness of the road that he has lived; but the look of good people prevails in his eyes, and the pride of those who have won everything with his own pulse overflows.

A tireless fighter, a rebel with a cause, a nonconformist

The conversation continues in one of the access tunnels to the arena, and the bullfighter is not thrilled by the idea of ​​stepping on the sand. "I have never entered the civilian arena, and right now I feel a very strange emotion; I look so weird ... "

It was the last time he has been beyond the tables of the Calle de Las Ventas.

On the afternoon of September 14, an illusioned Ureña waited in the ring of the Plaza de Albacete for the departure of the fourth bull, ready to achieve the triumph that had been denied in the first. He received it to the veronica, and, in an unexpected moment, the animal threw a defeat and nailed its right python in the bullfighter's left eye.

The blow had to be so brutal and the pain so unbearable that Ureña let go of the cape and jumped into the alley in a crazy race as short as dramatic. The doctors, convinced in their first impression that the accident was very serious, tried to go to the infirmary, but the bullfighter, moved by rage, shame, unconsciousness and unreason of that strange moment, said no, and that returned to the face of the bull. Thus, with a pitonazo in the face and the eyeball shattered, continued fighting.

A recklessness, no doubt, irrational by all means, which can only be explained by the unfathomable mystery that surrounds the personality of the bullfighters. But the die was cast. Hours later, an ophthalmology team from the capital of La Mancha confirmed between the lines the first diagnosis of the surgeon in the plaza: it would be very difficult for the bullfighter to recover the vision of the empitonado eye.

And so it has been. After several interventions in a specialized center, the drama has prevailed over the dream: the eye was taken by that bull in his right python.

For three months, Ureña has been lost among powerful white lights trying to find an impossible thread of hope at the end of the black hole of an interminable tunnel; He has sought a way out of the ghosts that, surely, were boiling in a head stunned by the tremendous blow of bad luck that seriously threatened the realization of a dream pursued a lifetime.

But, fortunately, neither the man nor the bullfighter are finished, and last December 21 Paco Ureña appeared before the public to announce that he will return to the bullring at the Fallas fair. It was already known that the bullfighter had postponed surgery to improve the aesthetics of the eye and thus accelerate its development.

That is the human condition of the bullfighters; especially, of this immense bullfighter. What integrity ...!

In this way, because of that unfortunate pirouette of destiny, Paco Ureña has become one of the bullfighters protagonists of the new season. Nobody knows what awaits him dressed in lights, but a human being of his condition and a bullfighter of his class deserve the best.

It has already demonstrated its immense power, its artistic maturity, its indisputable classicism and its excessive and intelligent value. The amateur expects it with interest and a generosity that is not exempt from demand. This is the world of the bull.

It only remains, then, the drop of luck that denied him that fourth bull of the Albacete fair.

Meanwhile, while the fair of Fallas arrives, here is the most heartfelt tribute to the greatness of a man and a bullfighter named Paco Ureña.


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