Paco Snchez opens the exhibition 'Cosmologa Atlntica' at the Toms Morales House-Museum - La Provincia

Paco Snchez opens the exhibition 'Cosmologa Atlntica' at the Toms Morales House-Museum - La Provincia

The Tomás Morales House-Museum de Moya opens on April 9, at 7:30 p.m., the exhibition Atlantic Cosmology, from the creator Paco Sánchez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1947) which is one of the referents of the painting of the so-called Generation of the 70s in the Canary Islands and the Canary Islands Award of Fine Arts and Interpretation 2017.

The aforementioned exhibition offers the public about thirty works that offer a tour of Sánchez's production, in which his own pictorial language is identified, and his ability to fuse the universe of the primitive and the contemporary. The exhibition will remain open in the aforementioned museum that manages the Gran Canaria Cabildo in Moya until June 30, and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The art historian Franck González and the director of the House-Tomás Morales Museum, Guillermo Perdomo, will speak at the opening ceremony of Atlantic Cosmology.

Among the works exhibited in Atlantic Cosmology stand out Figures and houses Canary Islands I (2018), Gorse (2018), Dry tree (2018), Guanche Territory (2018), Atlantic weather (2017), Goros (2017) and Tamaraceite (2016). Works all of them of the last time of the artist, with a contemporary outline and current relevance.

In the same line, they are exhibited in the House-Museum Tomás Morales several works that reveal the facet of illustrator graphic of Sanchez, all of them of the present century: the editions Nation of the air (2018) by Luis Piernavieja Grau-Bassas, International Poetry Prize Tomás Morales 2017, with cover and interior illustrations by the author; Garden Prosens (2000) by Lázaro Santana with Sánchez cover; or Toponymy Dictionary of the Canary Islands: The Guanchismos (2018) by Maximiano Trapero, whose cover also illustrates the Canarian artist.

The work of Paco Sánchez is located in the insular avant-garde, without whose painting his evolution would not be explained. He has managed to capture a true anthropomorphic semblance of Canarian painting. And he has achieved it, as the historian and critic Franck González explains, programming "meticulously" his work. Based on perseverance "has generated an iconographic repertoire of its own", with "the essence of contemporary Canarian painting until its arrival".

Guillermo Perdomo, director of the Tomás Morales House-Museum, highlights how Sánchez "has been selecting, schematizing and simplifying his production, combining at the same time multiple discourses in which the predominant characteristic is the search for a new, surprising, risky expression". Perdomo emphasizes that his pictorial and poetic discourse, "far from imitating reality or imitating previous models has evolved towards its own universe, with its own rules, in a constant reinvention through time".

"My work is a reference to our history"

"My work", explains the creator, "is a reference to our history". Sánchez relates how "from a very young age I started from the grooves of the southern mountains of the island, the dry landscapes, the walls, their volcanic aspect". Visual signs of the identity of the Archipelago, which has not hesitated to incorporate the woman. "Because in that point of departure of the painter is also" the female figure represented. It is linked to all this. "

The work of Paco Sánchez also deserved the appointment of Fernando Castro Borrrego in the monographic volume of the collection Library of Canarian Artists dedicated to the artist: "his work", he explains, "is born from a root that can only be explained from the knowledge of the Canarian culture".

And in the forums of the Canarian Culture, precisely, Sánchez has had a constant exposure over the years, in spaces such as Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM), the Cueva Pintada Archaeological Museum and Park, the Casa-Antonio Padrón Museum-Indigenous Art Center, the Initiatives Center of the Caja de Canarias (CICCA), the La Regenta Art Center, Tenerife Space of the Arts (TORCH), The House of the Colonels (La Oliva) and different entities and galleries throughout the Archipelago. In addition, his work was included in the exhibition Canarian painting of the 20th century, in the Municipal Gallery of Bratislava and New Prague City Hall, in the Czech Republic, in 2009.

Before consolidating himself as a noted author in the current Canarian painting, Sánchez was introduced to art from a young age. At the age of 11 he began to attend the emblematic Luján Pérez School, where artists such as Felo Monzón or Baudilio Miró Mainou became their main references. Over time he has signed more than thirty individual exhibitions, and more than a hundred collective exhibitions, in which his work has been revealed as an indispensable contribution. Always with the ability to transmit an optimistic force, despite its vocation of social denunciation. The exhibition at the Tomás Morales House-Museum is added to the half-century of activity of an artist that connects with the claim of the Canarian identity.


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