June 21, 2021

Paco Sanz, the perillán who swindled more than 14,000 people by simulating "2,000 tumors" | Society

Paco Sanz, the perillán who swindled more than 14,000 people by simulating "2,000 tumors" | Society

What most outraged the thousands of people who sympathized with Paco Sanz were the 17 videos that the police found at home and mocked their donors and the manuscript of his premeditated schemes to get the money. "You have to talk slowly [en la televisión]"," win the trust [de la gente]"," do not hesitate "," speak by subject "With this method, deployed in televisions and social networks, Paco Sanz, 46, the man of the 2,000 tumors, allegedly cheated 14,000 people who helped him fight his illness. He took out 353,027 euros from donations in the almost 2,200 transfers of money that he harvested from well-meaning people who believed his lies, meaning that he would die in six months if they did not operate in the United States. And for that he asked for money. He did not care about the small contributions, he said.

Paco Sanz, the man of 2,000 tumors, allegedly cheated more than 14,000 people

This is detailed in the latest and final report of the Technological Crimes Unit of the Madrid commissioner of Vallecas. The agents point out that Francisco Jose Sanz Gonzalez de Martos (Paco Sanz, as he calls himself) opened 32 bank accounts since 2009 to manage the tens of thousands of euros in small amounts that were sent to him by citizens who succumbed to his studied and derisive strategy. He went on to say that he had six months to live and implored help to undergo an experimental intervention that was only practiced in the United States.

The police, him, his parents and a friend, attributed crimes of fraud, misappropriation and money laundering. He managed to deceive six celebrities, such as the comedian José Mota, who made donations and even charity galas to raise funds and show solidarity with him.

"For years I have been suffering from Cowden syndrome, which has generated about 2,000 tumors, but I try to make my day to day as normal as possible, I have exhausted my resources and those of my family to pay for the treatment. Authorities ignore me, I do everything I can to save my life and the only experimental option is in the US Thanks to people like you, I will be able to continue with the treatment, maybe cure myself, or maybe a cure will be found that can help to others, "he explained in his Facebook profile. They were all lies of a perillian.

The police stopped him on March 8 of last year. A donor noticed the scam and denounced. The Paco Sanz is a scam similar to that of the girl Nadia, whose father has recently been sentenced to five years in prison for using it as bait to raise money, also appealing to her daughter who needed to be operated urgently of a strange disease. Or die. He no longer has custody of the child.

The final report that the police have provided to the court reveals that Paco Sanz has suffered since 2009 a rare disease, the so-called Cowden syndrome. And that it is a genetic condition that is characterized by the appearance of a series of benign tumors called hamartomas. Paco Sanz lied on social networks and television making believe that his illness was very serious and that he had "few months to live" if he did not pass urgently through a costly US operating room. UU

"The plan of Paco Sanz", indicated in the police report, "was to build a solid infrastructure around his illness, establishing a wealth of circumstances to give absolute veracity to his story"

The police have interrogated their doctors in Valencia. These coincide in pointing out that Sanz disease is not cancer at all, and that, therefore, against what aired in the media, has never received chemotherapy. It is a condition that does not require any treatment but periodic reviews to "avoid possible complications," the doctors told the police.

Researchers have analyzed what Paco Sanz did with the donation money. Only in purchases was spent 288,097 euros. He traveled to the United States, he and members of his family, for reasons unrelated to medicine. And she even enjoyed a pleasure cruise with her friend, also involved with her in-laws in the crimes attributed to them by the police: fraud, appropriation and laundering of money.

"The plan of Paco Sanz", indicated in the police report, "was to build a solid infrastructure around his illness, establishing a wealth of circumstances to give absolute veracity to his story." He came to create a foundation whose social purpose was the investigation of the Cowden Syndrome, created a website and a solidarity courier service, participated in television programs and used social networks to promote themselves, according to the police. The comedian Santi Rodríguez participated in a gala at the University of Valencia whose full and cash funds went to Paco Sanz. Santi Rodríguez declared through Twitter when he learned about the fraud: "I feel cheated and angry at the same time".

"Damage to noble causes"

Apart from the television humorist José Mota, he was also helped economically by writers, artists and athletes of the stature of Ignacio Guerreros García, David Venancio Fernández Batanero, Mireia Mula Sánchez and Miguel Hervás Abad. The lawyer Manuel Merino, who is the prosecutor in this case on behalf of the National Association of Internet Affected and New Technology, laments "the damage caused by this rogue to the defense of the noblest causes". And he is convinced that the amount of fraud is "much higher" than the police have been able to verify with the analysis of banking movements.


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