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Was Paco, Currito for his parents, a creature prone to dreams. With the first school calligraphy, the one of his five years, he wrote on a piece of paper: "I want to be an actor". And he fed his desire stubbornly in those years of childhood and adolescence that he lived in Alcosa Park, a working-class neighborhood that grew up in Seville in the seventies, and which he understood as Al-Cosa, attributing to the name Arab resonances, until that one day he discovered, not without disappointment, that it belonged to the real estate developer who built it, Alfredo Corral, and his corporation.

He tells it and laughs. Although perhaps he is not aware of how much the anecdote defines him, because he is popular and cultured, improviser and meticulous, daring but always exquisite in the deal. Lover of the sublime and the ordinary. It is, at least I think so, the best ear that for years has Spanish cinema for the voice and the soul of the street.

Although from a very young age he wanted to flee from Alcosa Park, now he feeds part of the verbal grace of the universe in which he grew up. It is no small thing a popular neighborhood of Seville, and not the fact of being educated by a mother as Carmina, who has served as inspiration for two comedies that portray, as nobody has done, the language and the meaning of life in the south.

It's nice to chat with this man who speaks and counts without restrictions, "maybe I should be more restrained". With this self-confidence, he ends up actively contributing to broadening the freedom of expression that others defend in words. Not long ago, he spoke of his bisexuality in a television program, and the media reacted immediately: "Paco León confesses ...". And he points out: "I did not confess anything because that would be like recognizing that I have committed a sin. And not. All I did was talk about my life naturally. "

As natural it is when he answers the greeting of a grandmother from the neighborhood of Lavapiés, who recognizes him through the glass of the Pavón café, where we are having breakfast. When he is serious, Paco has the rotundity of the faces of the funeral paintings of El Fayum: he is one of those Romans with almond eyes, sensual lips and curly hair. As is. When he breaks laughing he looks like a rogue, a clown, as his uncles were by profession. Since I started in the pure television comedy that so many laughs gave us until now - Tomorrow will premiere the series Arde Madrid in Movistar +, what It consists of eight chapters-, the actor has grown as an artist, a man. While his films are always fed by popular culture, the bill shows an intense attention to the visual and the musical and a great knowledge of the history of cinema. What he has seen has spread to him. This is what is seen in this great challenge that involves shooting a series set in the sixties having Ava Gardner as a protagonist, even if only in a plot.

Is not a biopic, with which after a while we have forgotten that Debi Mazar, the explosive New York actress who plays Ava, does not look too much like the Hollywood star, but she does know how to show the excessiveness, the sinvergonzonería and the unbridled spirit of that reckless lady who affirmed : "I love Spain because it has the same faults as me".

That is exactly what this story tells that, always from the point of view of the servants, it shows the surprising chaos of a drinking and living actress in a country in which the common people were subjected to Franco's repressive dictatorship and Catholicism.

Paco León and his wife, the screenwriter Anna Costa, had long cared for the idea of ​​writing a film that, through that excessive character that was Gardner, confronted the world of Cañí and Spanish prude with the ease of the Americans who traveled the world with money and without fears.

It was difficult to tell that environment in which the universe of luxury homes, in which Perón and Isabelita resided, and the precarious life of servants who were always lampando, were mixed. They are Inma Cuesta, Anna Costa and Paco, who, half-spies servants of chichinabo, truthfully embody three poor cats that will make life easier for an uninhibited woman who spends half of her days drunk.

Using a black and white photo that flees from the rancid to submerge sometimes in the world of pop, tells the crazy story of a Up and down in cañí version, which means that elements of black, green and brown humor intervene in the picaresque wake of Spanish humor.

"I should be more content," Paco laughs again and, having said that, he shows me the voice of his mother congratulating him on his birthday in an audio on WhatsApp. Carmina's voice bursts into our breakfast with a force that amazes and frightens, softened by an Andalusian accent that turns the outburst into a test of love: "Congratulations, son of the great whore. That you always have to do what comes out of your holy balls because for that you are the sovereign master of your body. You will have a round day, like the one of the Founder ". Carmina laughs at his occurrence. "And do not believe yourself," Paco adds when the message ends, "that this is recorded by her with a fuss, no; she talks like that lying on the couch. " What Carmina is saying is that he has to do what he wants without worrying about criticism. That is a mother.

The extraordinary thing is that the kid who escaped from Alcosa young man to be an actor and see the breadth of the world beyond his neighborhood has been attracting members of his family to the universe of interpretation, his sister Maria, and his mother, to which since its celebrated Carmina or bust He does not lack work: "I, who wanted to leave, now it turns out that I have been bringing them with me".

Inma Cuesta and Paco León, poor but handsome in the series, with the air of an Italian film. Lively and sensual despite the Spain of repressed desires in which they live their youth, as our parents were in spite of everything. Immersed in an unexpected dolce vita Madrid, which existed and that only someone with talent could portray. With a lot of talent Like this man with the face of a rogue who, when putting on an elegant coat and posing for the photo, looks like a movie lover.


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