October 24, 2020

Paco León has his birthday and celebrates it with a surprising makeover

Paco Leon you are in luck. The actor meets this Sunday 46 years in one of his best moments of his professional career, in which he has amply demonstrated his talent both as an actor and as a director of numerous projects.

After his participation in ‘Castillos en el aire’ (Canal Sur) and ‘Moncloa, ¿tell me?’, The Sevillian interpreter gave the big leap to popularity with ‘Homo Zapping’, a program in which he imitated television characters such as Raquel Revuelta, Anne Obregón and Matías Prats, among others.

After passing through Antena 3, Paco León moved to Telecinco to be part of the cast of ‘Aida’. The actor played Luisma, a drug addict rehabilitated that she lived together with her mother and that she was in love with Paz, her prostitute neighbor and her sister’s great friend.

Mediaset’s fiction has not been the only one in his professional career. After finishing his participation in ‘Aída’, Paco León landed on Movistar + to play prominent characters from ‘The plague’ and ‘Burning Madrid’, a work that received great praise from the press and viewers.

In addition to television, the Sevillian has tried his luck in the world of cinema as director of ‘Carmina o burst’, ‘Carmina and amen’ and ‘Kiki, love is made’.

Now, after giving life to María José Riquelme in ‘La casa de las flores’ and signing for Mediaset for star in ‘Kisses in the air’ together with Leonor Watling, Paco León celebrates life with a radical makeover.


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