Paco León apologizes for the rape scene in one of his films

“It is inexcusable to have romanticized a systematic rape,” wrote the actor and director Paco León on his Instagram account. Refers to a scene from the movie Kiki, love is made, which filmed in 2016 and which intersected several stories of sexual affiliations. The part in question shows a man who drugs his wife to maintain relationships, “of course without her consent,” the filmmaker clarifies. “I am very sorry that at that moment I did not have the sensitivity to deal with the subject and have frivolized with it,” León continues.

The film in question is a remake of the Australian The little death (2014), directed by newcomer Josh Lawson. The Spanish critics differentiated that of Paco León from that one due to his comic and more extravagant profile. Although, deep down, they were dealing with the same thing: the sexual paraphilias of a series of strangers. In fact, Lawson’s also includes several scenes around the imaginary of rape.

“One night, as she clumsily crawls into bed, Maeve informs Paul that she would like him to rape her, a misunderstanding that is resolved with awkward laughter. It’s her fantasy, she explains, but she wouldn’t want to know for sure that it is Paul. if and when it really happens. The misguided notion of rape as a source of sexual pleasure, rather than an act of aggression, constantly taints this line of argument, “wrote critic Christy Lemire in the prestigious film portal of Roger Ebert, where the film was suspended.

In Spain, the critics applauded almost unanimously Paco León and his Kiki, love is made. It was nominated for four Goya Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay, although it ultimately did not win any. One of the few reviews that points out the shadows of the film is the one he wrote the journalist Desirée de Fez for El Español.

“Even so, Kiki, love is made It has its problems, “acknowledges the critic.” Some are mild, such as the histrionic writing of characters and dialogues. Others, more serious. This is the case of the story of the plastic surgeon played by Luis Bermejo. There is no where to catch it. The humor, more unfortunate than black, does not work and the resolution of the story is highly doubtful. The romantic touch that comes so well to the rest of the stories feels like a kick to this one. ”

Five years later, the director realizes his mistake. “It is not easy to recognize that you screwed up in the past now that it is not relevant. But it is relevant. That we all have a responsibility with what we do and the values ​​we transmit. And that with the best of intentions you you realize that you are also collaborating with the culture of rape “, Paco León expresses in his post.

It is not the first time that a cultural product shows sexual violence as romantic. In some, the rape acts as a plot line to show the horror of the consequences it produces in the victims; but sometimes these scenes are trivialized or added only as a morbid element (like the rapes in Game of Thrones which in the original story were consensual sex). This last case is that of Kiki, love is made. “I am ashamed of it and I thank the people who have made me see it. I promise to continue working and learning,” concludes León.


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