Paco Izquier – The Province

We decided not to do more drama than it has been, to fire the one we have loved so much. In the family, everyone has managed their pain as best they could. By tiptoeing, taking care of each other, but knowing well what we were up to. To write this column I have asked the complicity of my children, I do not want to cause more pain than we have suffered. I’m talking about the death of Francisco Izquier, my brother-in-law, but for the Ayala family something much more than that, a brother and even a father. Paco is the husband of my sister Carmen, the woman who has been giving us art lessons, dissimulation, putting an end to pain for more than twelve months. I think it is the second time in many years that I dedicate my Sunday space to someone from the family but Paco deserves to occupy it today. He was a husband, father and brother with the ability to accompany in silence, without making noise. His children, my nephews, Alby, Arán and Jorge have been ours and ours, Ada, Adai, Miki, they have been his, his cousins, his brothers, his everything. Inma, Alicia, Carmen and I have taken care of them and we will always take care of them even though they already take care of themselves. And what was Paco like? A person who had weaknesses that some shared and others less, the PSOE and Real Madrid mainly, but he did not talk about that except when they bugged him a lot, although he knew well with whom he could talk about something and the other. With me only from the Socialists but from Madrid with their children and Adai, the Madridista from my house. I loved my sister as much as my sister loved him. She has been doing the merits for just over a year to win an Oscar for best actress.

I want to dedicate a special affection to the people who made him very happy, his grandchildren. Óscar, Paula, Lucía and Nira.


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