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Paco Flores: "My daughter was born while I was playing a Barça

Paco Flores: “Mi hija nació mientras yo jugaba un Barça - Espanyol”

Over Castelldefels, on a hill overlooking the town, the house of Paco Flores rises (66). It is a nice construction to four winds whose garden runs Negrita.

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- Come, Negri, here! Flores yells, and the dog goes away, at the bottom of the flower bed: "Do not you want to go out in the picture?

Bold escapes.

He does not want a photo

Paco Flores laughs:

- She is shy, the creature.

I have an infinite affection for this club, although I was disappointed. He has never called me at all and I am surprised "

Today passes the life placid who had been a notable striker and a coach of race, a guy who scored thirteen goals at Espanyol, whose bench he led later, for three seasons. With him in charge, and with Tamudo, Pochettino and Sergio on the pitch, the parrots won the Copa del Rey in 2000.

-What times! -remember.

Every day, Paco Flores and Negrita travel the Garraf trails. Or go down to the promenade and look out to the beach.

-We walk for an hour. Or two, "he says.

Other times, Paco Flores is visited by his two granddaughters. And then, read. He says he does it continuously.

-I love Santiago Posteguillo. I have finished his last novel (Yo, Julia). I swallow all the Planet. And Isabel San Sebastián.

-And the football? Do not follow it?

-Ufffff. I follow it, I believe it.

-And what do you see?

-I see that the distance between Barça and Espanyol has widened. The parrots are getting farther and farther away.

-And because?

-What or not money changes things ... In addition, we have moved away from the philosophy of Espanyol. When we thought that we had to work with the quarry and build a stadium and acquire ample land to create the best sports city, the opposite was decided.

In the sports city, it is not fit anymore. The little ones train less than they should "

-And what is there?

-On the side of the city, the stadium. And on the other side, a sports city where you can not fit anymore. As there is no space, the schedules do not fit and the children train less than they should. Children need to touch more ball.

-When that was decided, you were there.

-I never had weight. I was the first to ask Forlan. It cost three million euros. They did not sign me. Six months later, Manchester United was paying nine million for him. And remember what that forward got to do.

I was the first to ask Forlán, but they did not sign me. "

He is dreamed. Bold has fallen at the foot of the couch. Flores goes back to his time as coach of Espanyol. When they came home as churros and most of them converged on the first team. Give the list: "De Lucas, Tamudo, David Garcia, Catalá, Lopo, Pedro Nieto, Macanás, Soldevilla, Argensó, Sergio González ...".

-Good eye doctor had the good Jose Manuel Casanova! The man took a look at the base and saw it very clearly. He did not miss a good one, says Flores.

- And how do you remember the Espanyol-Barça?

- Do I have to answer as an ex-player or as an ex-coach?

-Both ways.

-As a former player, I have recorded the date. April 1, 1978. That day my daughter was born. He did it in the half of a Barça-Espanyol. I was on the lawn. We were 1-1.

- How did you find out?

- There were no phones, friend. I knew it when I arrived in Sarrià to pick up my car. An employee came to tell me: 'Go to the hospital.' And to the Pilar I left. I remember that night in a corner of Plaza Molina, drinking beers with a friend, celebrating the birth of Mireia and the tie.

Paco Flores trained Espanyol in two different stages: from 1994 to 1996 and from 1997 to 2000

-And as an ex-trainer?

-I remember a Espanyol-Barça. I do not smoke but in games two or three fell. He had not lit the first and Barça had already cast one. But look, we just turned around with a goal from De Lucas: 2-1.

-The height of a soccer fan.

-It was a boy with a ball on his feet. I was after my father to buy me a ball. If I had the ball, the elders would let me play. I was a teenager when Pablo Porta discovered me and took me to Espanyol. I have an infinite affection for this club, although I was disappointed. He has never called me at all and he surprises me. I guess the club will not be satisfied with my career, or I would not act like that. At the end of the day, I've always taken badly with the bosses ...

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