Paco de Luca: five songs to remember the artist - La Provincia

Paco de Luca: five songs to remember the artist - La Provincia

Paco de Lucía is flamenco and flamenco is Paco de Lucía. Serve this axiom as a basis for entering a prolific work that, as befits the great geniuses, is unclassifiable and enviable variable, playing as many genres as he wanted. Because the master guitarist started a musical adventure from flamenco that related him to the jazz, bossa nova, blues, arabic music and even pop and rock. Without losing the root, that never.


The first great collaboration of Paco de Lucía lasted eleven years, a time during which he recorded a dozen albums with Camarón. An unbeatable union that provided innumerable moments of joy for lovers of the most orthodox flamenco.

Carlos Santana

Already become a guru of the six strings, Carlos Santana invited him to participate in a concert in Barcelona in August 1977. The chroniclers of the time highlighted how the Spanish guitarist gave a superb lesson to the Mexican before more than 10,000 spectators in a brief but intense session.

Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin

Historical was his union with the guitarists Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin, key moment of the opening of flamenco to jazz. His live album 'Friday Night in San Francisco' (1981) sold more than a million copies worldwide. The union of this trio was not something of a night, and its connection demolished as much walls as prejudices.

Bryan Adams

The world of pop rock could not be left out of the influence of Paco de Lucía, who in 1995 provided the master touch to the single 'Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman' by Canadian Bryan Adams. The song was nominated to the Oscar as Best Soundtrack for the film of which it was part, 'Don Juan DeMarco'.

Chick Corea

The American jazz myth Chick Corea starred with Paco one of the most memorable moments of the Jazz Festival of Vitoria 2013. Both had already collaborated on several occasions in the past, so the attendees enjoyed one of those moments mythologically unrepeatable

Paco de Lucía

A review of the trajectory of Paco de Lucía, no matter how focused he is in his opening towards other artists and genres, can not be ignored. masterful 'Between two Waters' that already anticipated the paths that the guitarist began to glimpse in a horizon without ties or corsets. Rest in peace.


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