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The Animalist Party, Pacma, has denounced this Thursday the neglect and abandonment of animals in Madrid, like stray cats living in feline colonies, who have been without food, water and no attention since the alarm went into effect on Saturday, March 14.

In a statement, Pacma has asked the Director General of Animal Welfare of the Government of Spain, Sergio García Torres, as well as the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to resolve this situation of "extreme urgency" and He has reported "dozens of requests from volunteers and animal protectors who have been unable to feed the feline colonies of Madrid for days."

"Hundreds of cats living in controlled colonies in different parks They have been without food or water in the city since last Saturday, March 14, at which time the state of alarm came into effect and these areas were closed to the public, "he said.

In this sense, the Animalist Party talks about some parks like the Almansa Park, Juan Carlos I Park, El Retiro or the Botanical Garden, where they inhabit numerous animals that "depend exclusively on the hand of the officials or volunteers who feed them". In addition to cats, they cite other living things such as fish, turtles, pheasants, ducks or peacocks, who begin to try to jump the fences of the enclosures.

It has also requested information from the Madrid City Council on the protection and maintenance measures that the consistory would be providing to these animals during the crisis of coronavirus. "Neighbors doubt having seen staff access the facilities in recent days, so it is completely unknown if they are being cared for and fed," he protested.

"Pacma addresses the Government and the City Council in order to ensure care for all animals affected by the alarm state, whether or not they are dependent on volunteers, as well as for the administration to ensure that all the security forces are aware of the measures outlined regarding the care of the colonies during the quarantine period, "the statement concluded.

Almeida promises solution

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, He has consulted this Thursday with the Ministry of Health to be able to feed the stray cats that are found in feline colonies in Madrid and that, according to the Pacma party, have been feeding from the state of alarm for the coronavirus without feeding.

In a publication on social networks, Almeida has confirmed that the intention of the municipal council is that volunteers and Animal protectors authorized to continue treating cats in the capital. "Our intention is that it can be done," he wrote.

In this sense, he explained that they have consulted the Ministry of Health on this matter and that a solution will be given tomorrow. "We have transferred consultation to Ministry of Health for it. Tomorrow we will give you a solution, "he added in a Twitter message.

Almeida recalled that both cats and dogs are also Madrid. "Before yesterday I told you that dogs are also Madrid and cats of course they are"he stressed.

Pacma has denounced the neglect and abandonment of animals in Madrid, such as stray cats that live in feline colonies, which have been carrying the state of alarm since the entry into force -Saturday, March 14- without food, water and no attention.


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