Pablo Motos returns to ‘El Hormiguero’ after being absent for the first time in 15 years

Nuria Roca replaced the Valencian presenter.

Nuria Roca replaced the Valencian presenter.

To the surprise of all the followers of ‘The Hormiguero‘, was Nuria Roca and not Pablo Motos, who was in charge of the Antena 3 program this Monday. As the presenter himself explained, in connection from his home, his absence was due to close contact with a possible positive in Covid-19, so he was forced to quarantine.

However, and as the Motos himself has just announced, it was a “false alarm” and, after his only absence in the 15 seasons that “El hormiguero” has been on the air, this Tuesday return to the program.

Plethoric and after having trained – we imagine, by his sporty attire and his sweaty appearance – Motos has indicated that “my contact has been negative. I have had another PCR, I am also negative. At no time have we been in contact with the virus. So it’s all good news and tonight I hope to be on the show again. ”


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