Pablo Motos, desperate with the call for 3,000 euros: "It makes me want to take them off"

Pablo Motos, desperate with the call for 3,000 euros: "It makes me want to take them off"

This Tuesday, February 15, there was a funny but uncomfortable moment in 'The anthill'. The reason was none other than the classic phone call with which Paul Motorcycles and your team give away 3,000 euros the viewer who correctly answers the question: "Do you know what I want?".

After calling a person who remained silent until he decided to hang up, El Monaguillo did not give up and made another attempt. "What do you want?" answered the man who picked up the phone, bewildered. But just a few seconds later, the correct answer was heard in the background: "The Anthill Card!".

At that moment, the set of the program became a real party, with Pablo Motos and his collaborators celebrating what had just happened. However, the person on the other end of the line cut off the communication, thinking that it was all a joke. "He didn't believe it!"lamented the presenter while El Monaguillo affirmed that they were going to call him again to give him the good news.

"We just called you, and even if you don't believe it, this is El Hormiguero. El Monaguillo has asked you a question and someone in your house has answered. Was it you?" Motos began by saying to the lucky man, who confirmed that it had been him. "Don't hang up, you've won!"the collaborator asked for his part.

But this second call did not go as expected either. the viewer, who he couldn't believe what had happenedwas silent until Motos spoke again: "It is impossible for us to play a joke on you and that they can talk Luis Piedrahita, Monaguillo, Marron, Trancas and Barrancas".

"Where have we called?" Motos asked before the winner of the 3,000 euros, who replied in an ironic tone: "Are you going to pay me now? Because I'm just out of money". "He doesn't believe it," lamented the host of Antena 3 while the man confirmed his suspicions: "I don't believe it."

"They make me want to take them off...", assured Motos, who was already losing patience with this surreal situation. Finally, the winner explained that his confusion was due to the fact that he had just landed in Miami: "We are not in Spain." "We just arrived 10 minutes ago," revealed the winner.

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