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Pablo López is done with the 'Blind Auditions'

‘La Voz’: Pablo López completa su equipo en las ‘Audiciones a ciegas’

Eleventh gala Blind Auditions of The voice of Antenna 3. Now the final stretch of the first round of the musical contest has arrived. And is that the four coaches they almost do not have places in their teams and the elections start to be Very demanding. But Pablo López, Antonio Orozco, Paulina Rubio and Luis Fonsi They have returned to their positions to continue with this first phase of the Atresmedia format.

Undoubtedly, the great protagonist of the delivery has been Pablo López what has been the first coach who has managed to close his training. Your teammates will have to face each other tomorrow in the last installment of Blind auditions of The voice.

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'La Voz': Antonio Orozco stars in his worst night in which he has not got any new contestant for his team

'La Voz': Antonio Orozco stars in his worst night in which he has not got any new contestant for his team

Fran Arenas, penultimate contestant of Pablo López

Fran Arenas has been the first participant of the eleventh evening of Blind auditions of The voice of Antenna 3. The contestant has presented an emotional personal story that, in part, has contributed tonight has emerged victorious from the stage of the music contest. "I have not received the love of my parents anywhere ... I have discovered that family is something that you can also create with your friend. My family has really given me the music", The contestant has expressed.

And that pain that has for his hard childhood is reflected in his voice and the emotional version that has made Being yourself of Manuel Carrasco. Pablo López and Antonio Orozco it was the two coaches who pressed the button at the last moment. After a few minutes of reflection, Fran Arenas has opted for Pablo López.

The claw of Laura González

Laura González, which has been presented as Lau, has been the next selection of the penultimate gala of Blind auditions. The participant has climbed onto the stage of La Voz to demonstrate, if necessary, that the heavy and the rock'n'roll Not only is it suitable for men. Whole Lotta Love of Led Zeppelin it has been the theme interpreted by the participant who has managed to convince Luis Fonsi.

"I've been the only one to turn around. I am a happy man. I needed a clamorous voice for my team. I believe in you and I am very happy that you are in my team ", has expressed the coach. In the same way, Pablo López wanted to clarify that he had not turned around "why he would not know where to go with the participant". Luis Fonsi gets his first participant of the evening...

Sandra Groove closes Pablo López's team

Yes, Sandra Groove has been the only participant of the Blind auditions of La Voz that has counted on a second chance. And it is that, the format of Antenna 3 added in its regulation that the coaches they would have the opportunity to save one of the participants after not getting into any training ... Sandra was the chosen one and tonight she has achieved what she did not achieve on the previous occasion.

And is that Paulina Rubio has turned to the few seconds of performance like Pablo López who has also decided to block Antonio Orozco again. "I know a lot of opportunities. What a wonderful voice, what a wonder of you, what a joy that this happens in La Voz", Said Pablo López after the performance. "I've imagined this moment many times but it always ends with the same person ... That person is Pablo", Sandra Groove has closed this way the team of Pablo López. ¡Equipazo!

Tomás Basso surprises with his particular style

Tomás Basso, 36, is born in Argentina but currently lives in Barcelona although he spends half of the year in his caravan. "I have a music that is not as commercial as others. It is a very interesting challenge for me to participate in La Voz. I never thought I could fit into a television show"He affirmed on camera before going on stage. However, he has shown that good music does not understand labels.

Accompanied by his guitar, he has managed to convince Luis Fonsi, Antonio Orozco and Paulina Rubio that could not turn around due to the blocking of the first coach. "I left like on a trip with pleasure ... It was like listening to silk. You have something in your voice that is not taught and I enjoyed it for that", Expressed Luis Fonsi excited after the performance. Antonio has had the opportunity to say a few words but the participant was clear about it ... New contestant for Luis Fonsi!

In this way, an evening in which everything has changed is closed. Pablo López has been the great protagonist that He has managed to finish his team after getting the voices of Fran Arenas and Sandra Groove... First to close your equipment and coach that has managed to take more full. On the other hand, Luis Fonsi needs to one more voice to finish the auditions after finding the claw of Lau and the feeling of Tomás. Paulina Rubio needs to two voices after taking the delicacy of Natalia. Finally, Antonio Orozoco he stars in his worst night without any new contestant on his team ... Like his partner, he's missing two contestant to complete their training.

'La Voz': This is how the teams have been distributed on the penultimate night of 'Audiciones a blind'

'La Voz': This is how the teams have been distributed on the penultimate night of 'Audiciones a blind'


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