January 22, 2021

Pablo Laso: The player who wanted to train us all | sports

Pablo Laso: The player who wanted to train us all | sports

Dear Pepe *:

I always have the feeling that we left the conversation to end. Nor can we ask for more at that time when we met at Club Canoe; and that lasts many years. It fills me with energy to see you as a necessary teacher of those who pretend to make a living as basketball professionals.

That you know, by the way, that you left my partner impacted with your synthetic definition of those who end up being good at our sport. "The match seems the same," you said, "but try to move, to think and produce with the defender permanently at 30 centimeters instead of two meters, to see if you can. The one who can, is the one who just dedicates himself to this. "

"Now, but in the end everything depends so much on the stature", he continued, "in soccer, for example, that does not happen". And then you told him what your son Pablo says about the luck he had when he was born, because, according to him, "ten years later they would not let me play anymore".

In this beginning of the season, in which it seems that he has rearmed the team so that it is again the beacon of all the competitions, he has given me to think about that Pablo player. I have absolutely recorded, for example, a match in the Magariños, when the Baskonia was Caja de Álava. It had to be in the year 85 or 86 because there was Abdul Jeelani, and I remember especially restless before the arrival of an American player with Arabic name who had managed to be a while in the NBA. I was interested that day Jeelani, and, of course, every day David Russell and Vicente Gil, but finally I ended up impacted with the voices of their classmates and the permanent gestures of a kid who seemed almost my age, and of course my height. The feeling that was given from the outside is that throwing with style, or throwing well to basket, he cared the right thing, compared with his need to talk and talk to all his teammates, for almost the entire game. What intensity What I could not grasp at the time was that he also liked to do it with rivals. Probably with Vicente that day would cut a little, often was Vicente, but I guarantee that your son and I sometimes got out of hand the gathering parallel to the game when we faced each other. "Why does Bannister growl at me like that?" "Leave him, do not pay any attention to him, but be careful because if you press me a lot you will get caught in a blind block and you end up in the hospital". "Hey, what about Perasovic getting so mad?" "Well, because I told him that he cuts my nose where I say, or his father passes him." Being in front of Pablo, was not competing against a basketball player, was trying to impose a professional trainer in practice, which allowed him to exercise for 18 years dressed in shorts.

I think that some day I told you the answer of Alberto Herreros about the value of Obradovic as a coach. "The only thing that distinguishes Zeljko, really, is that when you have a problem in the field he always has the solution; and it usually works. " It turns out that in those years in Madrid, Alberto ended up having two solvers of problems nearby; his coach, and the base that never shut up. And I suppose that when they let him think as a manager about his signing, a guy as concrete as he did not have too many doubts; "Will Paul be prepared enough for a challenge like this?" "I am convinced that he is, but please do not let him talk a lot about basketball today, that the children are waiting for me at home in eight hours."

Always stay healthy.

Pepe Laso He was a player of Baskonia, Real Madrid, international with Spain, elite coach, and father of Pablo Laso.

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