Pablo Iglesias will preside over the Podemos foundation to strengthen its international alliances

The executive de Podemos has appointed Pablo Iglesias this Friday as the new president of the 25M Institute, the foundation associated with the party, as sources from the State Coordination Council have confirmed to The management led by Ione Belarra trusts the founder of Podemos to represent its think tank, whose director is Juan Carlos Monedero. The same sources suggest that the main task that Iglesias will have will be to strengthen or establish new ties with other similar progressive organizations in Europe and Latin America.

Pablo Iglesias turns on the high lights after leaving politics

Pablo Iglesias turns on the high lights after leaving politics

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Iglesias thus recovers a certain presence in the party whose leadership he left in May of this year after the poor result of the Madrid elections, although the tasks entrusted by the general secretary are far from those that he had been exercising since 2014. Sources from the foundation itself assure that it does not intend to intervene from the foundation in the organic or internal politics of Spain, but will focus on international relations, as has been requested by Belarra herself and the president of the foundation until now, Idoia Villanueva, which added to this the tasks of leading the Podemos delegation in Europe and those of the executive of the party.

The position, which does not have any economic remuneration, will allow Iglesias to meet again with Monedero, current director of the 25M Institute, in academic spaces. The projects of the political scientist for the foundation They have been disrupted by the pandemic, and now that it seems to be subsiding, the time has come to relaunch it. The idea, according to the same sources of the think tank, is that the former secretary general also helps in the formation of political cadres carried out by the foundation, among which would be that of explain your view of the media system Spanish and promote initiatives in this area, insofar as communication is one of the central axes that Iglesias has recovered in his new life after leaving institutional politics.

Pablo Iglesias left all his organic positions in May and since then he has not attended meetings of the executive nor of the Citizen Council. He has not been invited nor does he want to go, party sources point out, pointing out that it is not his “style.” He has occasionally spoken with Belarra or with the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, as he has revealed in some of the radio gatherings in which he has begun to participate this September.

It is there where Iglesias will express his analysis and political positions, as he has been doing in recent weeks. For instance, he demanded the parties of the “different left” from the PSOE more drive to avoid a government of PP and Vox that sees possible if the situation does not change.

In addition to the radios, Iglesias has also signed collaborations with Ctxt, Ara and Gara, where he is scheduled to start publishing this Sunday. It has also been incorporated into a research on political discourse in social networks.


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