May 15, 2021

Pablo Iglesias will leave his deputy certificate before the election campaign starts in Madrid

Pablo Iglesias will say goodbye to Congress and the Government in the coming weeks. The still second vice president will abandon his act of deputy and the Executive before the start of the campaign in Madrid. Sources close to Iglesias assure that there is “no doubt” that he will leave his seat and that he will not keep it “in any case”. Iglesias will thus attend the elections to the Community of Madrid on May 4, in which he will be a candidate of United Podemos, only as secretary general of Podemos.

End of five years of 'Coca-Cola in struggle': "People can look at us and know that if you fight, you win"

End of five years of ‘Coca-Cola in struggle’: “People can look at us and know that if you fight, you win”

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Iglesias’ announcement to leave state politics and launch to compete in the elections advanced by Isabel Díaz Ayuso leaves up in the air what will be the future of the co-founder of Podemos after seven years in the front line. But the intention of Pablo Iglesias is to try mobilize all the possible vote in Madrid and seek a coalition government with the PSOE like the one that exists at the state level and with the collaboration of Más Madrid. The Mónica García’s refusal to compete in open primaries and to go in coalition, a proposal that was destined not to prosper, puts three lists of the progressive scope with options to enter the Assembly.

The first polls point to a large majority of the PP, which could govern with the support of a waning Vox. On the left, Ángel Gabilondo would be the most voted, while Iglesias would manage to reverse the roles and surpass García.

“His departure from the government will be close to the campaign,” sources close to the vice president have reported on Iglesias’ plans. By then there is about a month left. That is the deadline given in Podemos for him to leave his public office and keep the organic one.

And what are your plans after May 4? If there were any option of a sum that would remove the PP from the Government of Madrid, Iglesias would bet on it. And if Gabilondo were the most voted force, he would support him as president and would assume, if the negotiation were successful, a Vice Presidency. “It is not that he is willing, it is what he would have to do,” sources from his environment have told this medium.

A spartan as a substitute

The departure of Iglesias from Congress opens the door for the return of trade unionist Mercedes Pérez Merino, one of the spartan of Coca-Cola in struggle, the group of women of Workers’ Commissions that led the labor fight against the multinational company. Podemos and IU strongly and systematically supported the mobilizations and claims of the workers of the Fuenlabrada plant (Madrid) that they wanted to dismantle.

That battle ended with a Supreme Court ruling that gave the reason to the workers and declared illegal the ERE promoted by the soft drink company, then directed in Spain by Marcos de Quinto, former deputy of Ciudadanos.

Mercedes Pérez was already a brief deputy during the previous legislature, which was from the April 2019 elections to the repetition of November. United We Can went from 42 to 35 deputies. One of those who stayed on the way was his. Now, he recovers it after the unexpected decision of his head of ranks, Pablo Iglesias.


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