Pablo Iglesias says goodbye to the Congress to take care of his children | Society

Pablo Iglesias says goodbye to the Congress to take care of his children | Society

Pablo Iglesias said goodbye on Thursday of the Congress, after the last plenary session of the year. The general secretary of Podemos will not return to his parliamentary activity until March because, as he already announced, it is his turn to take care of his two children. "I am very happy because I can not think of a better plan for the next months than to take care of my children," she said. Leo and Manuel, premature twins who They were born on July 3, have been in the care of his mother, Irene Montero, parliamentary spokesperson for Podemos.

The leaders announced after the birth of the babies that they would share 50% of the weeks of leave that would correspond to them if they had a work contract. Members of Congress do not have medical leave or work permits because they are not employed workers. They can request telematic voting and be temporarily absent from the Chamber for medical reasons or when they have offspring.

Irene Montero has been out of politics since July 3, when her children were born, until mid-January (the training has not specified the exact date). As it is a multiple birth, the permit is extended by two more weeks for each child, starting from the second, of the corresponding 16 weeks. In cases of premature delivery or when the neonate requires hospitalization after delivery, maternity leave may be interrupted and then resumed (together with the corresponding allowance) once the mandatory rest period for the mother has been completed (six weeks after childbirth). The mother may resume maternity leave from the date of hospital discharge of the baby.

This additional period of enjoyment of the permit, although it corresponds to the mother, can be chosen to be enjoyed by the other parent, if it meets the necessary requirements. And this is the decision made by the people in charge of Podemos. The six weeks immediately after the birth of mandatory rest for the mother, can be enjoyed only by the mother.

Churches fulfilled his paternity leave (five weeks) during the summer, now, from January to March, will be absent to meet half of the agreed upon leave after the mandatory rest period of Montero.

"We have argued that permits must be equal and non-transferable," Iglesias explained in the halls of Congress. "Men are not here to help our compañeras, we are here to be jointly responsible and I believe that we had an obligation to be an example."

Unidos Podemos, the confederal group of which Iglesias and Montero are part, reached an agreement on Budgets with the Government of Pedro Sánchez to approve a calendar to equalize maternity and paternity leave, by way of that are equal, non-transferable and 100% remunerated: this will be reflected in the current law. In 2019, paternity leave will increase to eight weeks, in 2020 to 12 weeks and in 2021 to 16 weeks, thus completing the equalization with maternity leave.

Thanks to public health

After the premature birth of their children, Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero They thanked the public health care of Leo and Manuel, who were born in July with six months of gestation. "Everything has been possible thanks to a team of public health professionals as well as the love and support of our people, many premature children like them, in other parts of the world, do not have the same luck," they expressed in a joint statement on social networks. .

"Our children have two months today because they were born in a country that has something much more important than any anthem or flag: a universal health system, we will tell you that nothing deserves more loyalty than that," they added.


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