Pablo Iglesias, on his departure from the Government: “It is not a defeat”

“It is not a defeat, now I am going to work in a place where my contribution will be most needed.” This is how the former vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, responds to the question of whether he considers that his departure from the Executive last April to face the Madrid elections, and his subsequent abandonment of institutional politics after the results of 4M, is a triumph of the “deep state”. The former secretary general of Podemos has granted an interview to La Stampa on the twentieth anniversary of the G8 summit in Genoa, and of the alternative Social Forum in which Iglesias himself participated, as yesterday published

Pablo Iglesias turns on the high lights after leaving politics

Pablo Iglesias turns on the high lights after leaving politics

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“There is a political price when a legislature agreement is reached with Basque and Catalan parties and, in fact, the possibility of the PSOE allying itself with the right is closed,” says Iglesias about the 2021 Budget block and the pulse , which was finally won by United We Can, so that Ciudadanos would be excluded from said pact. “You pay a price, but it doesn’t matter,” he says. And he adds: “It doesn’t matter if I’m not there. The teammates, especially the teammates, can have better results than I had.”

Iglesias analyzes in the interview the two decades that have passed since the Genoa counter-summit and the police violence against those who demanded a different globalization. The Italian Carlo Giuliani was killed by shots from the carabinieri, and there were episodes that the courts condemned many years later, such as the events of the Díaz School. “It is incredible that some of us came to the government,” said the founder of Podemos in statements to this weekend.

“I will continue my work as a militant in another area. A partner can fall, but the fundamental thing is that the group advances. Genoa taught me “, ditch Iglesias.


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