Pablo Iglesias is confident that the new Housing Law will be approved this March



The Vice President of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Pablo IglesiasHe said in Congress on Wednesday that he hopes that the housing law, with the regulation and control of rental prices, will be approved this March as stated in the coalition agreement. “They say that the regulation of rents does not serve to lower prices. It is false “, defended Iglesias, who argued that prices fell more in areas declared as” stressed “and, therefore, with intervened prices.

“Faced with his lies at the service of the real estate employers, data, data, data,” Iglesias said in front of the PP spokesperson in the Lower House, Cuca Gamarra. Iglesias went further and accused the PP of “being bought”, like the media powers. “You are at the service of the big builders, which are the ones who have financed you for decades. You, ladies and gentlemen, are all bought “, he pointed in the direction of the PP bench.

«I know that I am going to be blown away for saying what I am saying here. But you know exactly as I do that the one who pays is the boss. If it is investment funds, vulture funds and large construction companies that pay a party’s bonuses, those that pay its headquarters, finance a party and are in the ownership structure of the great media powers, let’s say from the parliamentary platform the bloody truthYou are bought and the great media powers are bought, ”Iglesias lashed out in a harsh tone.

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