September 26, 2020

Pablo Iglesias has been complaining for six crimes against the “instigator” of the harassment surrounding his family home for two months

The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has filed a complaint for six crimes against Miguel Ángel Frontera Díaz, the “instigator” of the protests that have been taking place daily for at least two months, as described in the letter from his legal representation. In the same, alleged crimes of coercion, harassment, revelation of secrets, alteration of public order, disobedience to authority and against the environment are attributed to Frontera.

The National Police relieves the Civil Guard in the surveillance of the home of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero

The National Police relieves the Civil Guard in the surveillance of the home of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero

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One of the last episodes starring the defendant occurred during the last electoral day in Euskadi and Galicia on July 12 when the family and collaborators of the Vice President and the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, discovered Frontera perched on the wall of his home recording the interior with a mobile phone. As a consequence of that, Frontera was arrested hours later.

Part of the story of the complaint comes from Frontera’s own social networks, where he “proclaims himself the instigator” of the protests and publicizes their activity, having launched a fundraising campaign to finance it. Thus, Frontera moves a portable generator and speakers that it places at the top of a hill to sound the national anthem while displaying the flag used by the requetes who fought on the fascist side in the Civil War, with the consequent damage to the neighbors. and an alleged environmental attack, as it is a natural park. In another video provided, Frontera is accompanied by a banner that reads: “Irene Montero, illiterate minister whose merit is having worn knee pads.”

“We emphasize that the home where the events occur is also the home of three minors, who are also living their lives severely altered and with the damages associated with criminal behavior that minors also suffer,” the complaint said.

Iglesias’s lawyers attribute the crime of disobedience to the Border authority because during the state of alarm he was moving from his place of residence, the town of Brunete, to Galapagar without being able to allege any of the exceptions that the Royal Decree contained.

The document differentiates between the “alteration of public order” that Miguel Ángel Frontera Díaz stars in and the “interference and injury” of the rights of the Iglesias-Montero family and their neighbors with “the legitimate right of assembly, demonstration and expression enshrined in our Spanish Constitution “. The lawyers present a dossier in which it appears reflected that Frontera calls the protests under the slogan “Let’s go to the Great Cacerolada to the Casoplón of the Chepas”. “they add.

The complaint requests several steps to be taken and, as a matter of urgency, that the competent court of Collado-Villalba require the Civil Guard of San Lorenzo de El Escorial to record the seized on the Frontera mobile of the interior of the family home, as well as the crowded with “insults and threats” raised by agents of the armed institute.


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