May 16, 2021

Pablo Iglesias assures that Ayuso “is more of the extreme right than the extreme right”

72 hours after the debate on the SER network that blew up the campaign for the Madrid elections on May 4, the candidate of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, has returned to the microphones of the Prisa group’s station to grant an interview in which has claimed his plant to the Vox candidate, Rocío Monasterio, for questioning the death threats received by Iglesias himself, as well as the Minister of the Interior and the director of the Civil Guard. The former vice president has reaffirmed his decision: “I did the right thing and I think many people understood it,” he assured. “Fascism is not compatible with democracy,” he added, to warn that “there is a very serious danger for Spanish democracy that must have a response at the polls on the 4th.” Iglesias maintains that there are only two options, a PP government with Vox or a left tripartite. And he has warned: “Ayuso is more of the extreme right than the extreme right, fascism is part of his project.”

United We can challenge 25 years of the PP of Madrid in its program for the 4M

United We can challenge 25 years of the PP of Madrid in its program for the 4M

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The secretary general of Podemos has considered it “evident” that on Friday “something woke up” with what happened on the SER network and later. Pablo Iglesias has vindicated the “anti-fascist alert” that he launched in December 2018, when the extreme right stepped on an autonomous parliament for the first time in the 21st century, in Andalusia. “And, although he has conceded that there has been an evolution of Vox towards more positions extreme, he has pointed out that he was attacked for what he said in 2018. “As of Friday there have been many people who have understood this,” he said, to add that “or they were such savages” then, but that “every savage “who have said” they have been tolerated “, which has allowed them to cross” red lines “.Until they finish sending you bullets at home“, it is finished.

The United We Can candidate has assured that on Friday it was found that there is a majority that sees Vox as a danger to democracy. Even the President of the Government, Iglesias said, who has assured that Pedro Sánchez has recognized this weekend that “there is no democratic normality in Spain.” Sánchez said at a rally that there is a conflict facing other democracies, such as France, Germany, Sweden or even the United States – recalling the assault on the Capitol – and has paraphrased German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “If this does not stop weather, our society will never be the free society again which is today “.

Iglesias has defended that, unlike what happens in other autonomous communities governed by the PP, the project of Pablo Casado’s party in Madrid is to bring down the coalition government, to put in place “a device of resistance to what the Spaniards “in November 2019. For this reason, he maintained, they have chosen Isabel Díaz Ayuso as their candidate. “It is more of the extreme right than the extreme right,” he assured. “Fascism is part of Ayuso’s project,” he said. “It seems more like the Vox candidate than Monastery,” he added.

The United We Can candidate has reiterated that the PP and Vox project in Madrid is “undermining the material foundations” of democracy. “They boast of buying two deputies in Madrid,” he assured in reference to the tamayazo 2003, “and in Murcia”, he added. “And they boast of the transfer of resources to private years. What they call freedom is to return to privileges,” he has settled.

No problem for a pact of the left

Pablo Iglesias has also assured that there will be an agreement if the three parties of the progressive bloc add on May 4. “Not this time,” he said about the possibility that there is no understanding. “Those debates were left behind,” he added.

Iglesias has recalled United We Can and the PSOE govern together “in the Valencian Community, in the Balearic Islands, in Aragon, in La Rioja, in the Canary Islands, in Navarra. And in Spain.” “There is a conscience that we would be beaten down if we did not agree on a tripartite government,” he said. “We are governing in Spain and we are going to govern in Madrid,” he insisted.

The United We Can candidate has assured that people have different “options to choose from.” “And then we will agree,” he reiterated.

In this sense, Iglesias has considered that “Ángel [Gabilondo] has rectified “when in the Telemadrid debate last week he went from saying” with this Pablo, no “, in reference to a pact with United We Can, to pointing out” Pablo, we have 12 days to win the elections. “Gabilondo has assured In recent days, he has not considered a coalition government and that he was referring to an agreement to remove Ayuso from the government, but Iglesias believes that this debate is now over and that it will not take place after the elections.

Regarding how this hypothetical tripartite government will be, Iglesias has only made one consideration: “Or we do policies diametrically opposed to those of the PP, or we won’t win again for two years. ”


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