Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Pablo Iglesias asks that the Magna Carta "be fulfilled"

The general secretary of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has recriminated this Thursday the acting chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, that poses change the



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in order that this change in the law "will do the job" for which he is paid and, as he has emphasized, consists of seeking agreements with the parties to be invested. In his opinion, that constitutional reform would go against the very spirit of the Magna Carta.

Sanchez has announced on TVE that he will request the reform of Article 99 of the Constitution to find a mechanism that allows the investiture in order to ensure governance and prevent the endowment being blocked. In fact, he has said that it will be "the first parliamentary measure that he will propose at the investiture session this July.

In an interview on Antena 3, Iglesias has responded that what Sanchez said "goes against the spirit of the Constitution", given that the fundamental law says that in Spain there is a "parliamentary system" against the presidential system or two rounds in other countries, in which "the one who wins takes everything".

"Better" to share power and collaborate

Iglesias has indicated that the current system obliges the parties to "come to an agreement". "If they ask me what is best for Spain, a system that makes a party at best with 26, 27 or 28% of the votes has all the power or a system in which the parties have to collaborate , to understand or share power, I think that for a country like Spain, the second is much better ".

In this sense, he has defended that way of seeking agreements because in Spain, he said, they have suffered from "excessive authoritarianism" and "some people smoke when they suddenly have all the power". For this reason, he believes that it is better to "distribute and share" power, "listen and collaborate", in line with "what the Spanish Constitution says".

"We think that we must respect the parliamentary spirit of our Constitution. A politician when he wins the elections, his job is to reach agreements, not to say how I do not reach agreements, I am going to change the rules of the game, I am going to change the Constitution and I am going to change the law, to see if the law makes me the work for which they pay me, which is to reach agreements with others, "he stressed.

"We want the Constitution to be complied with"

For all this, the leader of Podemos has insisted that his training what he prefers at this moment is that "the Constitution be fulfilled" because "there are many who have turned it into a wet paper". Thus, he pointed out that the Magna Carta says that pensions must be guaranteed, that housing is a right of workers or that they have the right to receive decent salaries.

"We want the Constitution to be enforced, not to take our hair again, as when the PP and the PSOE with summer nocturnal changed article 135 to kneel the sovereignty of our country. We want the Constitution to be fulfilled and not be used as a weapon and if you do not like the rules of the Constitution, change them, "he concluded.

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