March 2, 2021

Pablo Iglesias announces that the Government will ban “in two weeks” all evictions of vulnerable people during the pandemic

The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, assured this Thursday that the Executive is already working on a royal decree to extend the moratorium on evictions and that it reaches all vulnerable families, regardless of whether the cause is directly related to the pandemic or no. “I can announce that in the next few days, I hope that we do not take more than two weeks, the Government will present a measure to avoid evictions without alternative housing for vulnerable people,” Iglesias said in an appearance in Congress.

Sánchez and Iglesias try to appease the friction of the coalition and seek a solution to the conflict over evictions

Sánchez and Iglesias try to appease the friction of the coalition and seek a solution to the conflict over evictions

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Iglesias has indicated that the Second Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Housing are “working to have it ready as soon as possible.” This Thursday the Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, and the Secretary General for Housing, David Lucas, will meet, as has announced and confirmed by “It is a reality that vulnerable families are being evicted during the second wave of the pandemic because the current decree does not have the capacity to stop them all“, has added.

Both must set the legal text that will implement the measure announced by Iglesias and fought by United Podemos for weeks, to the point that pressure from the government’s minority partner led several ministers of the socialist wing to criticize their strategy. The head of Defense, Margarita Robles, came to remember in an interview on TVE that “the president is Pedro Sánchez.” Previously, Unidas Podemos had registered with ERC and EH Bildu a parliamentary amendment to the Budgets to prohibit evictions.

The internal conflict caused the two leaders of the parties that make up the Government to assume last Monday the need to seek a solution to the problem of evictions, a particularly sensitive issue for United We Can.

In this sense, the Vice President of the Government has defended the need to “consolidate a culture of coalition” in the face of “debates and situations that do not occur in single-party governments.” “Sometimes the discrepancies are translated into positive measures for the people,” he said, to defend that his “obligation as vice president of Social Rights is to ensure social policy and compliance with the government’s social agenda.” “That’s why I have to do everything in my power to prevent a family from being thrown out of their home in the midst of the pandemic we are experiencing,” he concluded.


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