June 21, 2021

Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera, Joan Tardà and Ana Oramas will compete tomorrow for the prize for the best speaker of the Parliament

Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera, Joan Tardà and Ana Oramas will compete tomorrow for the prize for the best speaker of the Parliament

The general secretary of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias; the president of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera; the parliamentary spokesman of Esquerra Republicana (ERC), Joan Tardà; and the Canary Coalition (CC) deputy, Ana Oramas, will compete this year for the 'Emilio Castelar' prize for the best speaker of the Parliament that parliamentary journalists give annually.

The last winners of this award were the PNV spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban, in 2017; the former president Mariano Rajoy in 2016, and the former vice president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría in 2014 (in 2015 these awards were not held for the dissolution of the Cortes).

This award, along with the rest of the distinctions each year chosen by accredited information professionals in the Congress and the Senate, will be delivered this Tuesday, during the traditional annual dinner of the Association of Parliamentary Journalists.


In the category 'Scourge of the Government', a prize that last year took the spokesperson of United Podemos, Irene Montero, compete the presidents of the PP, Pablo Casado, and Citizens, Albert Rivera; and the 'popular' deputies Rafael Hernando, spokesman for the 'popular' in the Lower House until last summer, and Beatriz Escudero.

On the other hand, as a parliamentarian 'Scourge of the Opposition', journalists have selected three members of the Government: President Pedro Sánchez, Vice President Carmen Calvo and Finance Minister María Jesús Montero. Next to them also appears the spokesman of the PNV, Aitor Esteban. A year ago, that award went to the then president of the Executive, Mariano Rajoy.

The 'orange' award for 'Best Relationship with the Press', which in 2017 went to the now Minister of Defense and then spokesperson for the PSOE in Congress, Margarita Robles, will be contested by Finance Minister María Jesús Montero; the deputy spokesperson of Unidos Podemos, Ione Belarra; the general secretary of Ciudadanos, José Manuel Villegas; and PDeCAT spokesman, Carles Campuzano.

On the contrary, the 'Punishment for the Press' could be in this edition for the parliamentary spokespersons of the PP, Dolores Montserrat, and the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, as well as for the deputy of Unidos Podemos Rafael Mayoral or the spokesperson of Compromís in the Senate, Carles Mulet. Last year, this 'lemon' award went to ERC's assistant spokesperson, Gabriel Rufián.


Parliamentary journalists have also selected deputies Yolanda Díaz (En Marea), María Jesús Moro (PP), Oskar Matute (Bildu) and Ángeles Álvarez (PSOE) as finalists for the 'Most Active Parliamentarian' award, which last year gave Mikel Legarda (PNV). On the other hand, Pablo Iglesias (Unidos Podemos), Ignacio Cosidó (PP), Melisa Rodríguez (Citizens) and Gabriel Rufián (ERC) aspire to the 'Parliamentary 2.0' award that distinguishes the greatest users of social networks, an award that in 2017 He was left Odón Elorza (PSOE).

Once again the deputy speaker of Unidos Podemos, Ione Belarra; the now Secretary General of the PP, Teodoro García Egea; the deputy of Compromís Marta Sorlí and the deputy of Citizens Guillermo Díaz will compete for the prize of 'Deputy Revelation', which last year picked up the now secretary general of the PSOE and Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos.

The prize for the 'Senator of the Year' may fall to the spokespersons in the Senate of the PP, Ignacio Cosidó, and the PSOE, Ander Gil; and Senators Maribel Mora (Unidos Podemos) and Jon Iñarritu (Bildu). In 2017, this recognition was for the PNV spokesman in the Upper Chamber, Jokin Bildarratz.

On the other hand, the aspirants to 'Senator Revelation' are the 'popular' Esther Muñoz (lash of Justice Minister, Dolores Delgado) and Luis Aznar (the spokesman in the commission against the corruption of the other parties), Lorena Roldán ( Citizens) and María José López Santana (Nueva Canarias).

Parliamentary journalists also value the work in the European Parliament, which in 2017 distinguished the 'popular' MEP Esteban González Pons. In this edition, Iratxe García (PSOE), Miguel Urbán (Podemos), Javier Nart (Citizens) and Marina Albiol (IU) are nominated.


Finally, the award for 'The question of the million', which last year fell to the Senator Comples Carles Mulet and his question about the possibility of a zombie apocalysis, will be decided between two deputies of the PP and one also of Compromis. Specifically, the spokesperson of the PP, Dolors Montserrat, aspires with the following statement: "Does the Government know what the Spanish think?".

For his part, his teammate Carlos Floriano will compete with a question about the controversial helicopter trip of President Sánchez to move from La Moncloa to the Torrejón de Ardoz air base.

"Spaniards have been able to see in the Moncloa Twitter account several photos of President Sánchez … on the same official page the president can be seen with a collaborator, checking inside the plane some documents with dark sunglasses on. Are prescription glasses? ", Says the question.

Finally, Candela's question reads as follows: "Her Excellency Mrs. Celia Villalobos Talero, president of the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee of the Toledo Pact Agreements, has suggested in the last hours that young people of 25 years of age save eurillos a month 'for your pension … Does the government not consider that more than' two eurillos', it would be better if young people of 25 years will save 2 euros a month? ".


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