November 30, 2020

Pablo Iglesias affirms that he will not accept more vetoes by Pedro Sánchez or a negotiation in hours

The secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, will not accept a new "veto" by Pedro Sánchez to his presence in a hypothetical coalition government between both formations or a negotiation "in hours" after the 10N elections. "If I run as a candidate it is because I assume that I want to govern and we will not accept more vetoes," he said in an interview in the SER chain.

Iglesias has assured that from the failure of past conversations he has learned that a negotiation cannot be done "in hours" and in the future he will not accept a dialogue that does not last, at least, "a few weeks". He would have no problem relying on the independence parties in a timely manner to govern, something that could contribute to "rationalize" the relationship with forces that have great support in Catalonia, would facilitate dialogue and "medium-term governance" in Catalonia.

The leader of United We have also referred to the announcement of Pedro Sánchez to appoint to Nadia Calviño as economic vice president in case of winning the elections, a "nod to European economic powers", in the opinion of Iglesias, which will only be viable if there is an agreement with the PP and not with his party. "I have made some mistakes in politics and it is a mistake to start appointing vice-presidencies before people vote. Calviño will scare left-wing voters … In an agreement with us I suspect that the protagonism would have others leftist people, "he said. They would not "veto" the current Minister of Economy in functions: "We have no right to tell the PSOE who puts or who takes."

The proposals for Catalonia are "two crazy things"

Iglesias has stated that he "hallucinated" with Pedro Sánchez's proposals for Catalonia announced in the electoral debate because they were "two crazy things": that will lead to the Criminal Code the call for a referendum, although he voted against that proposal, and that will bring Puigdemont to Spain. "Why do you propose such strange things, so improper of someone on the left? It's a way of seducing the right."

Regarding the president of the Government in office, Iglesias has said that he uses "some frames of thought or others depending on the situation and what his advisors recommend" and "it is no more a lie to Peter than before Peter now." Therefore, depending on the results of the elections will be "very different pedros", he said.

He said that the last time he spoke with Íñigo Errejón, leader and candidate of Más País, was on September 24 due to the coincidence in the same place, the Circle of Fine Arts, of a colloquium in which Iglesias participated and the presentation of Errejón's candidacy. "Friendships are redirected, but these things must be given time and in politics it is very important to separate personal affections from the work that needs to be done. When two surgeons have to operate together, the important thing is that they operate well."

In addition, the leader of Unidos Podemos believes that Vox cannot be counteracted by waving "left-wing flags" but with economic policies that protect society from economic uncertainty. "We have to make social policies that guarantee the security of citizens," he argued.

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