Pablo Ibar, hope vanishes

Pablo Ibar, hope vanishes

The Tenuous hopes of reversing the guilty verdict handed down against Pablo Ibar for three murders from the retraction of a member of the jury and a fact related to a substitute they vanished yesterday in a court hearing in Fort Lauderdale (USA). After interviewing him, Judge Dennis Bailey relieved Mr. Black of his duties as substitute jury, the man who this week admitted to having access to information about the case outside the courtroom, something that is prohibited to prevent him from influencing the verdict.

However, the magistrate refused to interview "Collins", the jury that informed the court that he regretted of having contributed to the conviction of Ibar guilty of the three murders for which he is being tried again in Florida. In response, the Ibar defense, imprisoned since 1994, filed an appeal to Judge Bailey requesting to interview both "Black" and "Collins". The appeal also requested an extension of the jury's deliberations or, failing that, to declare the judgment null and void. Andres Krakenberger, spokesman for the family, said they do not expect other decisions from the judge before a hearing to see some motions set for February 4 and sentencing, which will be held on the 25th of that month.

In statements to LA RAZÓN, Cándido Ibar, father of Pablo, showed a few days ago his surprise after the verdict of the jury: "It is not understood, this time not, we have shown that everything has been manipulated", to which he added that "this site is rotten, here we have not won not a single motion of the twenty-something we have presented. Something has had to happen so that, after all, the verdict is guilty. It's safe, it's obvious. "


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