May 16, 2021

Pablo Ibar, convicted

Pablo Ibar, convicted

The Spanish-American Paul Ibar, accused of a triple murder committed in Florida (USA) in 1994, was today declared "guilty" of the six charges that were against him.

The jury reached the unanimous verdict of guilt in a court in Fort Lauderdale (north of Miami), and delivered it in writing to the judge in charge of the case, Dennis Bailey, who will now have to pass sentence against Ibar, for which the Prosecutor's Office returned to ask for the death penalty.

Paul Ibar guilty of the triple murder committed in the US in 1994

Timeline: The key dates of the Pablo Ibar case

Ibar was found guilty of the six charges he faced, three of them for murder in the first degree, in addition to robbery and armed robbery, the shooting and death of Casimir Sucharski, owner of a nightclub, and Sharon Anderson and Marie Rogers.

Shortly before reading the verdict, in an environment in which the nerves were palpated, the magistrate said he did not want to see any "alteration" by the expression of emotions, at the same time that a police agent was put in front of the bank in which the family was located.

While the judge was reading the verdict for each of the charges, Michael, Ibar's brother, holding the tears, put his arm around the shoulders of Tanya, wife of the accused, who in turn closed his eyes and pressed his lips to contain the anguish and pain.

The father, Candido, sitting at one end of the bench, covered his face with his hands during the reading of the sentence to Ibar, who has been in prison for almost 25 years, 16 of whom he spent in death row, and has always been declared innocent.

The faces of the defense lawyers, led by Benjamin Waxman, visibly reflected the disappointment of this judicial setback.

This fourth trial revealed dark spots and "irregularities" in the processFrom the contradictions and negligences incurred by the detective in charge of the investigation, Paul Manzella, to the erasure of two videotapes of a nightclub that were in police custody, as the defense had denounced.

Waxman, deeply concerned since he has been in the case since 2005, told Efe that they will appeal the sentence, while Joe Nascimiento, another of the lawyers, said on his part that they will ask the judge to impose a life sentence and not the death penalty.

Outside of the room, The wife melted into an embrace with Ibar's relatives, who quickly clothed her, and then left the courts very affected, while many others broke down in tears.

Cándido, the father, still had the strength to talk to the media and say that the guilty verdict "can not be explained or understood".

"I was not expecting this, I do not judge, but not this, Guilty!" He exclaimed.


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