Pablo Hasel launches a new song against Felipe VI on the day he meets his term to enter prison

“There is no doubt that without freedom of expression and information, there is no democracy.” The new song by rapper Pablo Hasel begins with the speech given last Wednesday by King Felipe VI at the awards ceremony of the Madrid Press Association and accuses the Government of “perpetuating the repression” a few hours after it expires. the term for their entry into prison.

In his new song, the Catalan rapper charges against Felipe VI and the Royal House while assuring that he shows “the truth” in his songs and that “history will absolve us.”

Hasel’s entry into prison has been accelerated due to the accumulation of two sentences and the refusal of the Constitutional Court to admit his appeal for protection. The court of guarantees, which a year ago raised the ceiling on freedom of expression in Spain In annulling the conviction of singer César Strawberry for his tweets, he argued in Hasel’s case that his case had “no constitutional significance” despite dealing with the same fundamental rights. Discarded the protection, the National Court has decided to execute the two sentences that weigh on Hasel, the first of two years in prison for praising in his songs the terrorism of ETA or the Grapo, a punishment that was suspended since 2015, until the new sentence nine months in prison for the same crime, in addition to another of insults to the crown and the security forces, which he received last year. The total length of sentence is up to 2 years and 9 months.

“They will have to come to kidnap me”

At 8 pm this Friday, the official deadline for the rapper to voluntarily surrender for his imprisonment expires. This morning, Hasel reiterated that accessing it would be “an unworthy humiliation” and from his Twitter account he stated: “They will have to come to kidnap me. In his statement he asks for “solidarity” to stop the procedure.


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