Pablo Díaz reveals what Hacienda takes from the boat of 'Pasapalabra' and what he has lived on while he was in the contest

Pablo Díaz in 'El Hormiguero'.

Pablo Díaz in 'El Hormiguero'.

Pablo Diaz made history by taking yesterday the pot of 'Pass word'. The contestant, who accumulated 260 programs, managed to complete the 'rosco', so Antena 3 also rewarded him with a special of 'The Hormiguero' with him as a guest.

The participant told the Pablo Motos program what his reaction was when he saw that he was taking the millionaire prize: "When I heard the first round I thought I knew them all, and I felt like my hands were falling asleep, I started to hyperventilate. An incredible feeling", he expressed.

Although yesterday he managed to get it right, on twelve other occasions he has been one letter away from winning the jackpot: "I remember, above all, the Carthaginian general, with whom I got confused, Not having won it there made him win today and have 600,000 euros more".

To achieve such a feat, Paul had to use himself thoroughly: "He had three ways of studying. One was to see the old donuts because some words are repeated. Since 2010 I have seen all of them until 2020 and I was pointing out the difficult words. I also study the dictionary, I open it, I underline the words that could come out, "explained Pablo, who also used an app to guess words that a "former winner of the program."

After so long in the contest, Pablo had accumulated 220.00 euros that he will not finally see "because when you take the pot you do not take the other." Pablo Motos wanted to know then what his source of income has been during all this type, to which he replied: "I've lived off Twitch, and that's how it went from month to month. No surplus, but he earned a little money to live, a little less than 1000 euros, that depends on the subscribers and I will have about 400 ". In addition, he confessed that Doing takes away"828,000 euros of taxes ", so he gets "a clean million."

The other award that Pablo took was the relationship with his current partner: "In 'Pasapalabra' I met my girlfriend. I knew who he was from before, but we met in person because he came to a blue chair. I take that first and then the boat, "he commented proudly.


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