Pablo Díaz reappears in ‘Espejo Público’ and reveals what the ‘Pasapalabra’ pot has been spent on

Pablo Diaz has reappeared on Antena 3 almost a month after having won the millionaire jackpot of ‘Pass word‘. The young musician managed to complete the rosco after more than 200 deliveries and won the prize of 1,828,000 euros that has already begun to spend, as revealed yesterday in ‘Public Mirror’.

“The first euros I invested in my hair dye,” said the former contestant, who now has green hair. But beyond the jokes, the contestant revealed what he has started to spend the money on: “If you can believe it, the first thing I have spent was on a Nintendo 64 and a Nintendo Switch” he revealed.

“I play those games very fast and I wanted to try them a little bit and that’s why I bought it. But now in more serious things, I want to use it to help my parents, so that in the economic field they do not have problems” he confessed. In addition, his big dream is to become independent: “Not many people my age can say, I can buy a house.”

However, Pablo has had to deal with the Treasury getting a good slice of the prize: “It represents 43% in the community of Madrid. About € 800,000. I keep 1 million euros. I hit a song in my teeth “he affirmed.” I really like Madrid. I am looking buy a house, the rent is very expensive and if you can have money to buy a house it is a good investment, “he added.

The canary enters “in a select group” of Hacienda after winning Pasapalabra

The Technicians from the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) they calculate that Pablo Diaz Sánchez, the winner of the 1,828,000 euro jackpot from the TV show ‘Pass word‘, you will have to pay 870,125 euros in your next statement of income for having been awarded said award.

Gestha points out that after having won the award, the contestant on the Antenna 3 It will be integrated into the small group of the largest income tax filers, to which only 0.05% of taxpayers belong.

Before June 30, 2022, Pablo You must present your income statement corresponding to 2021 and face an effective rate of 44.71%.

Gestha points out that it has not been possible to access the Contest rules on Antena 3, so the amounts of the prizes obtained in 2020 and 2021 have been extracted from the published information.

In addition, the Finance Technicians are unaware of other personal circumstances or family members who increase the personal minimum in general and do not know the other ordinary income of the contestant, which should be added to the calculation of personal income tax to the maximum marginal rate, nor the reductions and deductions to which they could be entitled.

However, the above limitations can be assumed to estimate the tax impact that will correspond to the contestant in his tax residence in the Community of Madrid.


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