June 15, 2021

Pablo Díaz (‘Pasapalabra’) positions himself in the bullfighting debate and gives Casado a bang

Pablo Díaz and Pablo Casado

Pablo Díaz and Pablo Casado

Pablo Díaz goes viral in social media, but not precisely because of his participation in ‘Pass word‘. The participant of the contest Antenna 3 gave a zasca to Pablo Casado following a tweet in which he mixed bullfighting with his characteristic concept of freedom: “In Madrid, whoever wants to can go to the bullfights and whoever doesn’t want to go doesn’t go. That’s freedom“.

“One: the right to life is a fundamental pillar of liberal thought. Torturing an animal to death I do not know if it suits him. Two: I am paying something that I do not want against my will, because you subsidize it with PUBLIC money . Maybe so, so liberal you are not“, said the violinist in his account of Twitter citing the publication of leader of the Popular Party.


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