Pablo Chiapella, Fran Perea and Esther Acebo shoot ‘From lost to Rio’ in Gran Canaria

The first day of filming on the Island, where it will take place for four weeks between the municipalities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Telde and San Bartolomé de Tirajana, started yesterday in a building located on Perdomo Street, across Calle Mayor de Triana , and that forced to cut this capital artery along with the perpendicular, Doctor Juan de Padilla, where the production tents were installed.

The team began rehearsals first thing in the morning and continued recording the scenes until late in the afternoon, with Chiapella, Perea and Acebo, along with several extras from the city. The course of the filming on the Island also has the production services of the local company Macaronesia Films.

The plot narrates the trip of a group of friends to the Brazilian city to repatriate a corpse


Produced by the Andalusian production companies Pecado Films and La Claqueta in co-production with Portugal, De perdidos a Río is a comedy that revolves around “three colleagues who have not yet found their place in the world.” «A brilliant, slutty action comedy; a film of escape, of pure entertainment », they advance from the production company.

The central plot is set in Rio de Janeiro, as the film’s title reveals, because it narrates the trip of this group of friends to the Brazilian city to repatriate the corpse of a friend, but who, according to the twists of the script, is crazy adventure will live an unexpected end for everyone.

The filming will take place between Gran Canaria, Brazil, Madrid and Portugal, since its premiere is scheduled for late 2022 or early 2023. Precisely, although the bulk of the scenes filmed yesterday took place indoors, in the immediate vicinity From the building you could distinguish a vehicle that emulated those of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro, so everything indicates that this capital enclave, crowned by the San Nicolás cliffs, could simulate the Brazilian city, and the cliffs, its settlements of favelas.

Pablo Chiapella, Fran Perea and Esther Acebo shoot ‘From lost to Rio’ in Gran Canaria

From Lost to Rio is the third national film production to arrive this year on the island of Gran Canaria, after Lemon Bread with Poppy Seeds, by Benito Zambrano, which, precisely, opens in theaters this Friday, November 12 , and which was filmed for two weeks on the island, with Elia Galera and Ana Gracia; and La casa entre los cactus, a debut by the Barcelona-born Carlota González-Adrio, starring Ariadna Gil, Ricardo Gómez and Daniel Grao, and whose filming took place over six weeks in different municipalities in Gran Canaria, including Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. .

For its part, De perdidos a Río obtained the maximum amount of aid for cinema from the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) last 2020, estimated at 1.2 million euros. In addition, this is the third feature film by Mazón, who made his debut in this field in 2016 with the film Elite Body, after a relevant career on television as a comedy director. His second feature film, La vida padre, based on a script by Joaquín Oristrell, will hit theaters next year, starring Karra Elejalde and Enric Auquer.

The filming of the film will take place between the Island, Madrid, Portugal and Brazil


The film also marks the return of Fran Perea to the big screen, after many years focused on music and theater. Precisely, last October he starred in the stage production Don Juan Tenorio in Vegueta in the streets of the historic center of the capital of Gran Canaria.


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