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Pablo Casado, the right fitted

Pablo Casado, la derecha entallada

Pablo Casado is a straight, well-ironed type who has had many lives since he left the guardianship of the Marist Brothers in their native Palencia to study eighth of EGB in England, where a son is not sent just to learn the language, but to become a man. And by the way, to reach a degree of distinction that does not get blown in the provinces, no matter how good your family is. Married entered the PP being a Barbilampiño Law student who wore inked jackets with v-neck and chocolate Americans. "Fresh air for the youth of the game", the elders rejoiced when they put on in front of
Generations and began to walk around sets to show that it could be rolled up and right.

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He wears necks of shirt rounded in the tip, that sweeten his contracted jaw and his verbal shrapnel

Educated, sympathetic and neocon without complexes, he ran as the best puppy of the litter of Josemari and Espe, whom he invited to his wedding with Isabel Torres, granddaughter of the founder of the Damel sweets. Both have been photographed and interviewed in Telva, which has boldly renewed Olga Ruiz. In their pages, the couple explains their first meeting at the university: "You are going to be the mother of my children", he let go without knowing anything. "And you who answered, they ask Isabel. "I laughed. It seemed very funny to me. " Ruiz takes advantage of his boy Telva, that label that Umbral coined to define the double-life madrid pussies, dead little flies with long legs that turned her brown with great discretion.

In Casado lives a past in sleeves wrinkled shirt outside the pants, when they sent him 007 to Cuba to visit the dissidents, which camel clandestine books, medicines and money. It was a good errand that lived dangerously his walk on the wild side with a two-day beard and a disarray similar to that of Sean Penn visiting Chapo.

Married has been unmarked of the conventional suits that Rivera and Sánchez spend

Adversity is not strange: he had a premature child who suffered a cardiac arrest and was in a coma for three days. He forgot his ideology when he expressed his solidarity with the twins of Iglesias-Montero: "They are some dicks," he said. Those azos and azas that combine so much with their white smile. "If ever I have to renew someone, that I renew Casado, who is a great guy," Aznar provoked in his day. And he signed him as chief of staff when he was already out of the Moncloa, giving him his great opportunity: to be his servant with swords, to travel at full speed, to meet world leaders, to empower himself to purge Soraist technocrats with modern and lax right-wing pretenses. and surround yourself with women because I'm worth it.

Some clients of the Sánchez-Romero de Prosperidad who attend their shift in charcuterie agree that Casado is "very majete". They did not say so about Aznar, whose numb upper lip has been paralyzed even more since he shaved his mustache. Married, a child's smile is painted well, showing radiant Kennethian teeth. It is not a seducer to use, nor does it pretend to scare Aznar. But raise dialectical bombs with a very thin smile, a rictus between opusino and esoteric. Few cases are known of law students capable of passing 12 of the 25 curricular subjects of the career in four months.

Well maligned by the case of his master, which he approved without going to class, he is no longer the kid of the PP majete to show his vis de cabroncete. He started the pre-campaign with an overdose of proteins, full of patriotism and a return to the past, although now he is the most moderate of his own list. With a chassis that could well soak in the Hamptons, but more familiar with Boadilla del Monte, has proved to be the leader of the party less conservative in its aesthetics, despite the fachaleco, the garment of this spring winter that has replaced gabanes and barbours.

Married has been separated from the conventional costumes that Rivera and Sánchez spend, leaving the comfort zone of the right -birds, burgundy, navy blue, green loden- to combine tweds with ocher and blue following the trail of the interior designers of the neighborhood. the letters, refined and gay hipsters that mix stripes and pictures, green billiards and mustard. He is the most up-to-date candidate in the slim fit tailoring: the male pattern has narrowed five inches of leg and three of waist.

Destila handsome while criticizing "the sanchismo", his great obsessive compulsive disorder. And he wears necks of shirt rounded in the tip, vintage style, that sweeten his contracted jaw and his verbal shrapnel. He has also renewed vocabulary, and as Ausiàs Marc - who will surely have read his record record - chooses everyday images: he has had little to say that he would put his hand in the "cassola en foc", but he has promised that he will "fry up" for Spain although nobody has asked for it.

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