Pablo Casado says that he does not deserve the treatment received but asks the PP for unity

The resigning president of the PP, Pablo Casado, lamented this Tuesday in his last internal speech before the extraordinary congress of his succession the treatment he has received by his party colleagues in the last two weeks, and has defended, without citing specific names, that it was his "principles" that led him to inquire privately about the anonymous information he received on the payments to the brother of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Casado has said that he opted for "the difficult" as opposed to "the comfortable", that he did it to "regain the confidence of the citizens" in the party and that he does not deserve "nor would anyone deserve", the reaction against him. Even so, he has claimed "unity" and has pointed to Alberto Núñez Feijóo as his replacement.

Four hundred leaders try to close the most serious crisis in the recent history of the PP acclaiming Feijóo

Four hundred leaders try to close the most serious crisis in the recent history of the PP acclaiming Feijóo

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Casado's speech was highly anticipated as it was the first opportunity in which the still leader of the PP would speak about the events that had occurred in recent weeks and that led him, in the early hours of Wednesday to Thursday of last week, to agree on his deferred resignation with his regional barons. It was so expected, and the interpretations that can be made so dangerous that at first the new leadership of the party chose not to offer the speech openly. This morning, given the noise generated, they chose to offer it openly, as usual.

Casado has recognized that the project that began in 2018 is "unfinished", although he has defended his management at the head of the PP in these three and a half long years. "I was elected in a complex situation, with the party shaken after the motion of censure, the space of the center right fractured and third in the polls," he assured. Almost immediately, he recalled, the PP managed to govern the Junta de Andalucía for the first time, "the sorpasso" in the general elections of April 2019 and, in the repetition, what has been described as "absorption" of the "electoral rival" took place, referring to Ciudadanos.

self defense

"We haven't had a single quarter of peace of mind", he lamented before beginning a defense of himself that started with a reminder to those present: "I proposed most of you on this Board of Directors as candidates for different responsibilities".

Casado has dedicated a part of his not very long speech to concretely claiming the internal action that has led him to be pushed by his own party to resign. "I have been guided at all times by the principles that I proposed when you elected me president: the defense of freedom, the unity of Spain, the rule of law, the family, and public exemplarity," he began. "I do not conceive of politics without the ethics of responsibility," he added, to emphasize "regeneration to regain society's trust" in the PP. "I believe that the difficult option must always be put before the comfortable one and our principles are useless if we do not stick to them in the most complex moments", he concluded.

The still president of the PP has said he regrets "everything he has done wrong and the situation that our militants and voters have suffered this week." "And I also feel, I have to say it, the reaction that I have had to suffer, which is unprecedented in our democratic history, and I sincerely believe that I do not deserve or would deserve any of you", he has settled. It was, in the end, the total confrontation with his already examined friend Isabel Díaz Ayuso which has led to its end. Her party has chosen her.

Unity around Feijóo

But Casado does not want to go down in history as the president who blew up the PP. In fact, he has been grateful for going down in history alongside people like Manuel Fraga, José María Aznar or Mariano Rajoy. "I have always put the interests of the party before my own, and I have tried to work in a serious, loyal and constructive way," he said.

"I have always done and will do what is best for the party and for Spain, and now I ask you to achieve a project of unity with which we come out stronger and that we do not spend another minute talking about ourselves but about what the Spanish urgently need. ", he assured.

Without expressly citing him as a successor, Casado has only mentioned one person by name and surname. Alberto Nunez Feijoo. A week ago he already left in writing that he will support the president of the Xunta as his successor. Today he has defended the management of what he has called "governments of freedom." "His great work and that of the rest of the presidents, mayors and councilors makes me feel very proud", he said, to add: "Very especially that of Alberto Núñez Feijoo who has always given me his loyalty and friendship, the same as he receive from me for whatever you decide to do in the future".

After his words, applause lasted several minutes in which those present, more than 400 positions of the PP, have been reluctant to stand up, although they have finally done so. Already behind closed doors, the main leaders of the party have been able to take the floor to offer their opinion. One of the first to do so was the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Complete intervention of Pablo Casado in the National Board of Directors:

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