Pablo Casado proposes to use 10 billion European funds to establish the ‘Austrian backpack’




Contrary to what has been happening with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in recent years, the head of the PP Pablo Casado, has become a regular participant in the National Congress of Family Business that meets until Tuesday in Pamplona (Navarra). In an intervention in which he has proposed a score of reforms in areas as diverse as taxation, the labor market or energy, Casado has proposed launch the ‘Austrian mochia’ using 10 billion euros of new European funds. He has also been in favor of “reducing taxes” even at the expense of European funds “and has riveted, in a firm tone:”I promise to do all these reforms in 6 months, no matter how tough they are.

Specifically, Casado has proposed to family entrepreneurs the implementation of the so-called ‘Austrian backpack’ which he believes will benefit the pension system for the better. For its start-up, it has opted to use 10,000 million of the new European funds. But, before that, Casado has been willing to fight to avoid repeal of the labor reform approved in 2012 and that the current Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz promised this weekend to substitute during her participation in the congress of Workers’ Commissions. «Beyond the pressures, we will go all the way in the European institutions so that it remains», Pointed out the leader of the position who recalled that Brussels has put as«conditioning for the receipt of funds, that modifications of this type are made in accordance with the social dialogue, also with employers, and that they are aimed at labor flexibility “.

The president of the PP has also opted for «The suppression of the taxes of Patrimony, Successions and Donations», as well as by the reduction of companies and personal income tax for companies that have been greatly impacted by the pandemic. Along these lines, Pablo Casado has expressed his intention to establish «attractive taxation » for investment in new technologies, through a tax framework that makes Spain competitive beyond the ‘Beckham Law’.

The popular leader also wants to launch a Second Chance Law, as well as modifying all the regulation around telework “so that the conciliation goes hand in hand with the economy.” In this area, the popular added, there is “a certain regulatory chaos.”

The government’s forecasts, “wet paper”

In any case, Casado has dedicated the first part of his speech at the National Congress of Family Business to criticizing the Executive’s economic policy and, as an example, has mentioned the “significant downward revision” in the official estimates announced by the Governor of the Bank of Spain Pablo Hernández De Cos. In his opinion, after listening to De Cos, “The government’s forecasts are dead paper.”

Recipes against the rise of light

Casado has not missed the opportunity to expose the recipes of the PP to lower the price of electricity and appealed to the “legal security” in two sectors such as energy and real estate. “What has happened is the opposite,” lamented the popular. In line with the foregoing, he recalled that 19 large European electricity companies have approached European governments so that they do not follow the policies of Spain. Married has proposed “Remove non-energy costs (premiums for renewables, for example) from the bill”. To do this, it has proposed the reduction of VAT to the super-reduced rate, as well as eliminating the connection tax and using CO2 rights to lower costs. Other measures, he added, include prolonging “under attractive conditions” the life cycle of nuclear power plants.

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