Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Pablo Casado promises to reduce taxes by 16,100 million

Casado cuantifica su programa: Los españoles verán reducidos los impuestos en 16.100 millones

The president of the PP, Pablo Married, yesterday use figures to its economic program and its fiscal revolution, which will mean that the State will stop collect 16,100 million euros, which will remain in the hands of the Spaniards and their companies, and which will have positive effects for the productive economy, with a GDP of 2.34%, that is, some 28,000 million euros, the creation of 482,000 million jobs, and will involve an additional collection of 16,300 million euros.

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Casado talks about the fiscal revolution since before the elections were called, but on Wednesday he quantified the tax measures so many times announced: lower the IRPF below 40%, lower the Corporate Tax below 20, and suppress Heritage, Inheritance, and Documented Legal Acts.


Married explains what Spaniards will save on each tax

The figures are those, in IRPF will be released, that is, in the hands of the Spanish, 4,000 million euros. The Corporation Tax will stop collecting 3,700 million euros; the one of Patrimony 1,200 million euros; the Secession 2,700 million euros, and the suppression of Documented Legal Acts will make the State stop receiving 1,200 million euros. In addition, the extension of the flat rate to entrepreneurs will mean 700 million euros in the coffers of the State. To this we must add that the tax shield of savings by leaving exempt 8,000 euros to citizens not only for what they enter into pension plans, but in another type of savings, will increase by 2,600 million euros the money that is released, with what the State will stop collecting 16.100 million euros.

Additional collection

The leader of the PP assures that the reduction of taxes will suppose an additional collection of 16,300 million

But that savings would mean, according to Casado in the ABC Forum, an increase of 2.34% in GDP, so that with the economic boost that would mean, some accounts are thrown, said the president of the PP, Pablo casado, an increase in the GDP of 28,000 million euros; an employment creation of 482,000 jobs and an additional collection of 16,300 million euros, which would compensate and exceed what the State fails to collect.

Apart from these measures, Casado speaks of a law of "harmonization of State Unity", which will positively influence economic growth and economic dynamism, which will be accompanied, in addition, by a reform of the Public Administration, which will mean an important change , remuneration by objectives.


Married is committed to "update" the SMI what unions and employers decide

Pablo Casado wanted to rectify, without doing so, what was said this morning, in an interview with Onda Cero, about the SMI. The president of the PP preferred to speak of which his Government "will update the SMI in agreement with the unions and the CEOE, as it had been doing when it agreed to raise it to 850" and that they will be those agreements that determine "how much they are updated".

Those figures, stressed Casado, will end the loss of employment that has occurred since Sánchez is president and that he figures in 126,000 jobs, largely, he said, by the increase in fixed costs, among which are the rise of the SMI.

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