Pablo Casado presents today in Palencia to the PP candidates in Castilla y León

Pablo Casado presents today in Palencia to the PP candidates in Castilla y León

The Deputy Secretaries of Organization, Javier Maroto, and Sectorial, Isabel García Tejerina will accompany the person in charge of the 'popular' ones that will clothe, in this way, the aspirants to the Board and the Mayoralties of the nine provinces of the Community in an act which will start at 12.30.

In addition to Casado, the candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and the provincial president of the PP of Palencia and the Provincial Delegation, Ángeles Armisén will also intervene.

During the last two days the Electoral Committees of the provincial directorates have raised their candidates to be approved by the National Committee. León, with Antonio Silván, Burgos, with Javier Lacalle, and Palencia, with Alfonso Polanco, are the only head of the list that will be repeated to the Mayors in the May 26 elections. The rest concur for the first time.

Among the latter, highlights Pilar del Olmo, Minister of Economy and Finance, who will be presented to try to snatch the stick of command from Valladolid to Oscar Puente. Mayte Martín Pozo, in Zamora, Carlos García Carbayo, in Salamanca, José Luis Sanz Merino, in Segovia and Yolanda de Gregorio, in Soria, complete the list.

The only committee that has not presented a candidate is Avila where "we will have to wait a few days", as reported by the president of the Provincial, the 'popular' Jesus Manuel Sanchez Cabrera.

"I think there will be no candidate and we will have to wait a few days," he told reporters, after what he referred to the "singularity" of Avila due to the fact that the national party president, Pablo Casado, is deputy for the province, so he "will want to present" the candidate himself.

The president of the Diputación, before attending the Ávila Auténtica gala, has assured that he is "at the disposition of his party and the people of Ávila".


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